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    PRI data, how to display in NPM

      I have been given the task of charting PRI usage data from a Cisco 2851 voice gateway with (3) 1MFT-T1 cards.  Looking on the web, and through trial and error, I found that we can't poll the number of active calls directly through SNMP.  Our solution has been to write a scipt that runs an IOS command, then outputs the data (# of active calls)  into a .CSV file.    So my question is can I take this data and either import it into Solarwinds, or have Solarwinds poll the file?  The purpose is to use Solarwinds charting capability to watch call trending over time.

      Thank you

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          I would not think Solarwinds could poll that file unless you attempt to use Orion APM in some way to read the contents and manipulate it in a way to generate a syslog event .etc. then build a trending report with Report Writer. It would require some work to do this.

          Have you looked into using Cisco's EEM - Embedded Event Manager - it will depend on the IOS release and some more stuff but it might be worth looking at for this case. If you're already scripting then this might fall into place for you. Good Luck!