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What Would The Geek Do

Part of what makes THWACK such a comfortable place for IT pros to hang out is the dedication of SolarWinds staff to filling the role as “trusted mentor”. We feel great satisfaction when we’re able to leverage our experience to help others in the community, even when it has nothing to do with SolarWinds products specifically.

Imagine walking through your office and running into one of the Head Geeks in the hallway, and grabbing them for a second to get a quick piece of advice. That was the basis for the “What Would the Geek Do” video series. These un-scripted conversations give us a chance to rif on a question we get asked repeatedly at SWUGs, trade shows, and on email and offer a thorough (if fast) answer – after all, we can’t stand next to the water cooler gabbing ALL day, can we?

So check out the video series HERE and then check what you’ve learned by answering the questions below.