Episode #86 - Orion SDK 101: Intro to PowerShell and Orion API

April 15, 2020

In this 100-level class, Kevin M. Sparenberg, Technical Content Manager for THWACKRegistered, presents a simple introduction to the SolarWindsRegistered OrionRegistered Software Development Kit (SDK). Instructions include how to download the SDK, installing the PowerShell module, and performing basic read operations within the API. No previous PowerShell or Orion API experience is necessary. Kevin discusses when, how, and why to use the API. Be sure to register for the live cast because Kevin will be answering audience questions during the episode.

Additional Resources

PowerShell Basic Cheat Sheet:

The Curious Case of the "Dead" Nodes

  • Nothing yet - the PowerShell module currently only supports PowerShell 5.x.  There is a current issue on GitHub about the compatibility.  It originally stemmed from a missing requirement in .NET Core.  I think it would be useful to make a note on this issue or create another issue specifically to PowerShell 7.

    The above issue tracker is something that I think should possibly get bumped up so that we can support the SWIS calls on non-Windows PowerShell installations. 

  • Any advice on getting the SWIS module to work with Powershell 7?  Install-Module returns without any errors, but the commands aren't available.  I tried an Import-Module SwisPowerShell and it errored on being unable to load the type from the assembly.

    Thanks for any advice.  Not critical since PS 5 is available everythere, I was just trying to migrate my default environment to PS 7.

  •  , that verb doesn't appear to take an array as a parameter, so that means you need to do some other type of loop and send the coreNodeId for the individual devices one at a time.

  • Thanks  for the much needed tutorial.

    I would also like to know how can I use verbs in SWQL for multiple nodes.

    Like if I have to add multiple nodes in NCM I can use it for one node at a time from the SWQL studio like below, but how to give multiple nodeid to perform the same operation in one go.