An IT Journey to Monitoring Glory: Session Two

Welcoming Scope Creep

Now that your Network Management System is up and running, where do you go from here? “Scope creep” doesn’t (necessarily) have to be a bad phrase. Extending your monitoring out beyond the initial intention isn’t just encouraged, it’s commendable. Having all your business-critical information in one place speeds up troubleshooting and allows you to get in front of issues before they turn into problems. In this session, we’ll:

  • Discuss the importance of data normalization and consolidation
  • Explain scope creep: you should care about those other team’s devices
  • Learn to leverage what you have and extending for what you need to monitor
  • Customize your monitoring for your specific environment
  • Enable you to share your successes with the world
  • Review agile methodologies—they aren’t just for developers

THWACK Livecast Series: Welcoming Scope Creep

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