Semifinals Recap: Closing in on a Winner

We’re down to the final two in this year’s #Hollywood Bytes #Bracket Battle. Here’s how the semifinals went down.

Hack the Planet vs. The Hubris of Man

In this matchup, childhood favorite Jurassic Park (1995) went up against the classic War Games (1983). The 80s supercomputer didn’t have the magic word and lost to the dinosaurs and Dennis Nedry. You heard it: with a narrow margin, Jurassic Park (1995) moved on to the final round with about 51% of the vote 

Paranoid Android vs. Tech Noir

In the battle of 1999, Kung Fu and the lady in the red dress took down TPS Reports in this fight. Our red staplers were no match for Agent Smith, and The Matrix (1999) took 63% of the vote over Office Space (1999). Are you ready to jack in to the Matrix for the final round? 

We hope you’ve been enjoying the matchups so far and join us in the final round to determine the ultimate tech-tastic film! Voting is open until March 29 at 4 pm Central.