Maintainence Period

Hello Folks,

I have a question on the maintenance period as per the NPM  version 12.3 there are two options available

Mute alerts and stop polling the device what is the difference between the two options.

as in earlier versions, there used to be the unmanaged option available only to put in maintenance state.


Samiksha Shruti

  • If you just mute alerts Solarwinds will still poll the device and grab data. However, if you unmanage during the maintenance period you'll stop polling the device, which will also stop the alerts from being generated.

    A few reasons to think of unmanaging a device is for availability % if you track that. Another reason is if you know the device will not be online and Solarwinds would not be able to poll the device, it's probably best to just unmanage it during that maintenance window.

    I've taken the stance of unmanaging during any maintenance windows and would only use the mute alerts in rare cases where alerts are being triggered outside of a maintenance window and i'd like to stop them for a period of time (outages could be one example).

    Hope this helps!