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What we are working on post IPAM 2.0


We always listening to what you are saying - see the updated list below for items we are working on for a future release of IPAM.

  • User Delegation
    • Defining access roles per subnet, group, or supernet as well as combinations of those containers for specific users
  • Improved Importing
  • User Experience Tweaks
    • Support for drag&drop and autoscroll
  • DHCP management
    • Add new scope
    • Update IP address status (reservation) on DHCP server via IPAM
  • DNS monitoring
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

More to come as we continue our planning and development!

PLEASE NOTE:  We are working on these items based on this priority order, but this is NOT a commitment that all of these enhancements will make the next release.  We are working on a number of other smaller features in parallel.   If you have comments or questions on any of these items (e.g. how would it work?) or would like to be included in a preview demo, please let us know!

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    Hi there,
    sounds great - I'm actually looking for that user delegation - I really dont like giving out the entire IP database to people just so they can update a few static ips for their own office.
    I think a few other people have also mentioned some kind of check of DNS vs hostname (from both IPAM and SNMP) - I'd love that - I sometimes find machines that have been renamed but their DNS records dont match or the IPAM data is different from the real snmp polled hostname.
    I guess the one thing I'd *really* love to see is IP address to switch port mapping!
    I use NPM to monitor all my switch ports already and IPAM scans the network - can't we simply get something to stitch the data all together so that when I look at a switch port I know whats connected to it from the IPAM data (and vice versa)?  


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    Suggestion:  IPAM periodically checks the routing table of a designated router and adds and subnets that it doesn't have.  Ensuring no subnets are not monitored.


    One issue we have is that we need the IPAM tool to watch the network for any new subnets.  Design teams tend to forget ALOT and we need somthing automated.


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      I've talked to a few people who are really interested in automatic discovery of subnets. This is definitely an interesting request and something we are looking in to, but will probably not make the next release. Stay tuned for more.

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        I'd like to see more robust reporting and utilization analysis... scope usage charts over time like NPM has for interfaces.

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          Better importing is a must so its good to see it on the list.  That is so bad right now its almost not worth using when you have 1000+ subnets.

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            Subnet hanging during autoscan, the problem is still there in IPAM 2.0


            Saleh Abubakar
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              For me, automated subnet scanning and improved importing are inter-related.
              As mentioned, when importing 1000's of subnets, there is currently no way to import custom properties associated with each subnet.

              If automated scanning makes it's way into this product, then there must be a tool that can easily allow you to import or assign custom properties to the discovered subnets. Pointing this tool to a router and importing all discovered subnets in the routing table is the easy part, but organizing and labeling all these subnets is the real challenge.We currently have 3000+ subnets in our routing tables.
              Importing this many subnets into a flat subnet/supernet/group means many days of grouping and organizing subnets into the IPAM tree.

              A tool like the Orion Custom Property Editor would make short work of something like this in IPAM. With it's filtering ability, assigning common custom properties like Region, City or Building to multiple subnets based on an IP range or supernet would be childs play. CPE also has an excellent import and export capability that could be used for migrating from an existing IPAM toolset (spreadsheets & DBs) to Orion's IPAM, and allow for all custom properties to be imported in one fell swoop.

              Allowing for direct access to the IPAM DB with an interface like Orion's CPE would make this IPAM tool so much more powerful.

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        Sounds good so long as it goes down into a specific subnet, so sub-subnet address administration.

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          I can not hide custom property by view/subnet/supernet/group. There are some custom fields that I do not want to see on other groups/subnet/supernets etc. Therefore custom property field is pretty useless since it show extra/unnecessary information for the subnet.

          I should create a custom property field then I want to choose that custom property to show on specific subnets/supernets/groups etc. I think it is very easy to do(fix) it! Please include this request for your next release.


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            I've noted this as a feature request. We can look at this as part of our user delegation work. Does anyone else have this requirement? This is the first time I've heard this request.


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              I would like to see the user delegation so I can have everyone view the database but have some users/groups have access to update subnets they are responsible for.

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                I'm just finishing off our IPAM rollout and have a couple of requests. These might already be possible but I haven't figured how -

                1. Ability to rename the dhcp scope name thats pulled from a router or server.

                2. Out of the box report for listing dhcp scopes with start and end IP addresses.


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                This is the biggest thing that we are waiting for as well.

                We don't want everyone to be able to view all networks and those that edit should only be able to see the networks they're responsible for.

                Is there an ETA on this feature as it was promoted to us as a selling point but as we can track through the forum that it has been coming through many versions of IPAM.



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              Jay Cummings

              This is a feature that is requested frequently by our customers.  In larger organizations, it is very common for different people to have responsibilities to manage different blocks of subnet address spaces for their respective departments/divisions/regions.  IPAM needs to have the ability for the IP Address Management tasks to be divided up amongst different people/groups.  There should be assignable managers (yes multiple, so backups can exist in each region).  There should be an option whether different regions should be visiable to others or completely hidden based on user account privileges. 

              At least one of my customers has told us that this limitation in functionality may force them to scrap IPAM and go with a competitive product that provides the ability to delegate management of different parts of the address space to other people.

              If you ultimately need additional detail, give me a call or email.  I can set you up with the direct customer who can share their experiences--hopefully before they scrap IPAM.

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        My company is extremely intrested in automatic subnet discovery.  My idea is to pull from the layer three switches/routers.  You could have a "switch" to turn on discovery for that device, similar to a custom property...

        We have over 20,000 live IP's and we are looking to add many many more...  so manually adding all these subnets and keeping up with a design team that adds stuff at a whim is impossible....

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    I want integration between IPAM and NPM.  Clicking the IP in IPAM should take you to NPM detail record.  Click IP in NPM should take you to IPAM.  Addresses in NPM should be 'used" in IPAM.

    Also, want to track BGP AS numbers, Default gateway, DHCP server.

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    Are there any plans to support Cisco ASAs that are running DHCP? We're just getting started with our IPAM roll out and I think currently IPAM is supporting Cisco layer 3 switches and routers. 

    Also, add my name to the list of users wanting subnet discovery.  For large enterprises, manually entering subnets is at best painful.

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    Hi Mav,

    +1 for user delegation.
    +1 for column width (in the tree pane that is)

    Another thing I'd like to see is to be able to change certain interface defaults. Such as being able to specify the default filter (which is currently "all"). I'd like to set that to "used" instead as that's probably what people will use most. Alternatively, it remembers the last used filter for each user (probably better).

    The way I see that happening, is for each user that logs in to the system (we use AD for authentication so a user doesn't doesn't necessarily have to exist in Solarwinds), gets a default profile, that they can modify accordingly and that gets saved. Alternatively, if those settings are stored in a cookie that would work well enough in my case too. There are not all that many users logging on to the Solarwinds GUI anyway in our case, so those profiles wouldn't grow too much.

    Cheers! Olger.

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    Another thing I would like to see is teh ability to have a "manual" range or complete subnet of addressing. Why? Well there are some requirements for some devices and some networks to not be "visible" to IPAM for security reasons. I know this seems contradictory but there is a requriement sometime to still manually managed a subnet that is not accessible via routing or pingable from IPAM.

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    One thing I'd like to see improved is the ability to use subnet Zero. If I configure a supernet range of say it will not currently let me add as a subnet within that supernet as it sees it as outside the parent network range, which technically it is not with a /24 mask. All my routers allow me to use subnet Zero as a host bearing subnet and can differentiate the supernet from the subnets, so it would be nice if IPAM could handle this as well.

    I can get round it by adding the subnets separately so they are at least monitored, but It would be much more elegant if they were containted within their respecive parent networks.

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    When I'm searching Group Description, I'd like to see Groups (super/subnets) returned, not a list of individual IPs, and mostly for the same reasons I wanted to be able to search group descriptions in the first place.  I don't assign IPs, I assign blocks, and when I search for "Free" or "Unassigned", I want to see the block and the block size/CIDR.

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      seconded justinh's post

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        I third justinh's post.

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          I am currently trialling IPAM in our organisation, hit a few niggles so far:

          +1 for automatic discovery of subnets from routers.

          When bulk importing subnets, I would like to be able to also bulk add names.  I would also be happy if this was done post-bulk import using an editor similar to the NPM custom field editor.

          ARP table input on nodes already in NPM to get devices that don't respond to ICMP would be great.  Must have in my opinion for the future.

          I would also like to see some form of progress update on the "Subnet Scan Status" page.  The status currently only shows when it started.  We have quite a few large /16 (don't ask...) subnets that take a long time to scan and I am currently basically 'blind' tweaking the scan settings to try and optimise the scan for these subnets.  I would be happy with a percentage of the number of IPs scanned so far being added as estimated time would be flakey, even "last scan duration" would be good enough to guesstimate.

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    Are there any updates on what possibly could be on a new release and/or when that could be available?





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    Alex Raj

    Some of the features mention in the next release would be really helpful (like User Delegation).

    But for now I am trying to find out if there is any plans for a fix for a issue I came across while working with IPAM. Had raised a call with support as well as open a post but didn't get a definitive answer.

    Can you take a look at the question in the below thread and let me know if this is being proposed in the next version.


    Re: Issue when Multiple user edit the same ip


    (***Not sure why this was not incorporated in the first place. Cause without this feature there is no point in having different user account and groups.***)

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    I am glad to see the 150 subnets in list limit is on the "fix list"

    I'd like to also request / point out the other issue with managing a large number of subnets in this list.  That issue is a lack of what I consider standard Windows "auto scroll".  Specifically, if I grab a subnet from the very bottom of the left pane list and want to drag it to a folder at the very top of the list I have to change the zoom on my window to microscopic because dragging it to the top does not induce scrolling up in the window.

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    I didn't see support for Cisco ASA on the list of items being worked on for beyond v2.0. Is this something still on the list of items to add in as functionality. I am see this more and more in the field, where clients are using ASA for smaller remote locations as an all in one system.



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    Craig Norborg

    Definite big ones for me are being able to do something useful with the IPAM data:

    1) Better integration with NPM.  Let me know which devices aren't managed in NPM, and for those that are - be able to click on the device and bring up NPM.


    2)  Auditing.   In addition to the above auditing/integration I would like to have it audit the DNS and such.   ie:  Does the forward DNS match the reverse?   Also, do these match the system name that was discovered in NPM via SNMP?   I know this isn't always the case...

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    Would also like the ability to track VLANs.  Right now, we have VLANs based on datacenters, offices, etc.  as expected.  Would love the ability to list VLANs as well as IP Addresses under a folder (or Site, as I use them).


    So my folder named "Datacenter1" would have "IP Addresses" and "VLANs" as two possible lists.  They would like to each other through the VLAN field for a particular subnet - so I can view all the VLANs, then when I click on a VLAN, it takes me to that particular IP Subnet.

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    Also - any time frame when this will be available?  Month?  6 months?

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      We are still working on the release, but to address some of the recent questions.

      This release does not address the concern about multiple people simultaneously editing an address. 

      Regarding DHCP support for the ASA, it's something we are considering, but nothing something I can commit a delivery timeline to. 

      cnorborg, these are great requests. You will see an update to this thread about better DNS integration soon. We aren't looking at covering this exact use case, but it's good feedback for us to know what you want for the future.

      TinyElvis, that certainly makes a lot of sense for organizing addresses and VLANs. Unfortunately it's not something we are working on now, but I've logged the request.

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        Alex Raj

        In the next release is there any plan to have restrictions in user accounts ie. only one user will be able to edit IPAM at a time, if a second user logs in he will be logged in as read-only mode ?.

        This might be helpful for the below issue

        """This release does not address the concern about multiple people simultaneously editing an address.""""

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    One more minor tweak I'd like to suggest that should be easy to implement:  when creating subnets, the first and last items are reserved (subnet boundary and broadcast). 

    Maybe make those shaded and allow them to be given a name with a global setting "I want all my subnet broadcast addresses to be called 'Broadcast - DO NOT USE' "  something along those lines so that we don't have to type it in for each subnet, and that its already colored out. 


    The purple "reserved" dot on the side is sometimes hard to notice.

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    Mav - How about filtering for each column in the grid? Sure would make life better if I could filter the grid on partial matches in description and custom attributescolumns.

    The UI is really challenging for large numbers of subnets. Please! Have the grid hold its position when you edit an entry. Imagine having to walk back through a dozen pages of subnets every time you edit a single entry. Arghhhh!

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    User delegation is a big thing that I need with this tool.

    Please add me to the RC list :D

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    As we always trying to listen what problems you need to solve we decided to update content of "what we are working on" for IPAM. As you can see we added support for DHCP management and DNS monitoring there. The DHCP and DNS support will allow you to do a more effective management of your IP address space via SolarWinda IPAM.

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    Mav, from reading thwack it appears that quite a few users have the infoblox dhcp solution and would like to pull the information into ipam; myself being one of them.  Would it be prudent to inquire about the possibility of adding support for additional DHCP engines (infoblox, dhcpd) to the list of supported dhcp daemons in the next release?

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    Has there been any time frame when the next release will come out and what features will be there.

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    One suggestion after recently implementing IPAM v2.0.1 is regarding the scheduling of subnet scans.

    Currently you have to just set the timer intervals and work out whether this will clash with other scans or not.

    What tends to happen when you have a number of scans overlapping is the scans never close completely.

    What I'd like to see is some kind of scheduling calendar showing scans and when they are set to run so I can easily plan when larger subnets with longer lasting scans are running and fit in smaller subnets in between.

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    Now you have a chance to vote for new features: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/polls/1026 so give us your opinion!