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Question 1: Looking for a Monitoring Concept Primer

First, I want to welcome everyone to the inaugural question in the Monitoring For Managers forum. It’s my hope this becomes a place where the folks who manage staff who build and maintain monitoring solutions—and represent those teams and projects in the boardroom—can learn how to be more effective and informed leaders.

Our first question speaks to a fundamental challenge managers face: how to get up to speed on the topic of monitoring.

“I wish I had been exposed to monitoring in some way before I was given management of the monitoring team. A ‘Dummy’s Guide to Monitoring Basics Using SolarWinds’ would have been very helpful!”

Though a “SolarWinds for Dummies” guide is a great idea (trust me, it’s not the first time we’ve talked about it around the water cooler), we don’t have one yet. However, we have many monitoring guides I’ll link to below. And when we provide an example in those guides, it’s usually shown with SolarWinds® tools because let’s face it, those are the tools we have in our toolbox around here.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention SolarWinds Academy. It’s free to everyone paying active maintenance. More to the point, it doesn’t matter which active maintenance you’re paying—the entire training and document catalog is available. So let’s say you own SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor but you want an idea of the value NetFlow or database monitoring might provide your organization. Nobody will stop you from walking through the NetFlow Guided Curriculum or watching Getting Started With Database Performance Monitor.

Here are some additional links to get you started on your journey to Monitoring Discovery: