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Welcome to the Monitoring for Managers forum. As I mentioned in my post over on GeekSpeak, this is the place for people who lead monitoring teams and initiatives to ask questions and get answers - both from the folks at SolarWinds as well as from the community at large.

Each month I’ll take one of the questions—your questions, and address them. So now's the best time to shoot me a question. Feel free to drop me a line here ().

Look for my first Q&A post to appear here next Monday!

  • I have a question and i think Solarwinds need to work on it to fix the issue.

    1. Why netpath unable trace ping response? Ping response should also be traceable via netpath like other. I know ICMP not uses port but something need to develop for fast troubleshooting.

    2. Monitored components in SAM goes to unknown and Solarwinds calculate the availability based on unknown status as well, however the availability report should only be calculated based on the up/down/critical status not for unknown . 

    Hope above problems address by Solarwinds soon.

  • Hi , I suggest you to open a feature request with those ideas. If you have allready done it, please, could you share the link to vote it? Thanx

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