Welcome to Monitoring For Managers

Welcome to the Monitoring for Managers forum. As I mentioned in my post over on GeekSpeak, this is the place for people who lead monitoring teams and initiatives to ask questions and get answers - both from the folks at SolarWinds as well as from the community at large.

Each month I’ll take one of the questions—your questions, and address them. So now's the best time to shoot me a question. Feel free to drop me a line here ().

Look for my first Q&A post to appear here next Monday!

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  • I hope the posts so far have been. If there's something I haven't addressed (yet) please let me know -here, or in DM, or in email (leon dot adato at solarwinds.com). 

  • Yes So far so good.   You know Leon, I have used this tool a long time, and I have always used it to help me provide KPI data to business leadership.  The real challenge now. being the boss / manager / user of the platform, people, and handling the upward reporting, I have always advocated for a CIO dashboard, and things.   I know its all here, but its important to let folks know we are balancing not just managing a system, but our team and our leaders view of that.   So talking about Monitoring for Managers I would only encourage to bring all angles in to the fold.  You always do, so I am not worried.   You are in a unique position having a vast experience, as I do, but much better and technically and soundly writing it all down.   I pay someone to do that LOL.