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Morale amid Covid-19

I am curious about how everyone is doing in keeping morale high during Covid-19. It has been roughly a year since most places went to almost all remote. In my case I try hard to keep my team engaged and have an occasional good laugh.... 

How about you?

What is your manager doing to help keep morale high? or worse not help!!!

If you are a manager, what are you doing to help keep morale high during Covid-19?

  • Laughing can be the key to achieving higher morale.  It needs to happen within our team more, but sharing a big office (NOC) is a thing of the past unfortunately.  So laughing is harder to come by!  Thanks for sharing.

  • Love this question! *bookmarks forum thread*

    One fun team bonding activity I've heard of teams doing is a zoom cooking meeting. Send a Blue Apron (or similar) box to everyone on your team, put a meeting on the calendar and cook/follow instructions together. Team bonding, morale boost, and delicious meal achieved Heavy check mark

  • It can be hard to keep up morale, but I also think as professionals, we should be a bit driven as well to achieve.  Our company celebrated a good year even with covid.   We in IT not only contributed to programs which drove business value, but did it all while coming $3mil under budget.   That translate in to efficiencies which are noticed by management which lead to more opportunities for everyone.  The reality is we all miss the human connection, but where I am, our team morale is higher now than it was in 2019.   We do have virtual programs we align with, more 1:1 meetings, and weekly non-business related catch up meetings.    Those help with the human connections.   Over all, I feel we are doing a good job being professional, accomplishing our goals and doing it in a climate of change like we have never seen.  I hope similar success to others.   A positive outcomes starts with a positive you.  

  • We have a weekly happy hour at the end of the day on Wednesdays.  Nothing work related should be discussed and we all are having beers together - be it over Teams - but it is a nice opportunity to talk to other team members and be able to chill. 

  • If, like me, you find yourself trying to stay useful & relevant during COVID-19's "right-sizing", there are some pretty fun things to learn that will take your mind off low moral and S.A.D.

    Sure, there's tons of fun online labs to sharpen up your SW or Cisco skills, but I'm talking about ways to refresh the mind and have something new to look forward to.  A few of my goto research activities include:

    * RV / Camper resources, particularly learning about new technologies, campgrounds, towing solutions, and accessories

    * Streaming music--AND playing along with it!  I set up a couple of saxophones, an electric bass guitar, and two keyboards and their amplifier in the basement, right between a couple of Yamaha NS690-II 60-pound speakers (legacy from my college days).  The Yamaha speakers connect up to an old surround-sound Yamaha home theater amplifier.  I have a Bluetooth receiver that I plugged into that amp, and I sync'd up to it with my Smartphone and I stream Sirius XM tunes from the 1960's & 70's in, and play along with them.  It's EXCELLENT for sharpening up the musicianship skills, since there's no sheet (or digital) music notation or chords to play with.  The mind & ears have to recognize the chords.  Then adding in strings, flutes, brass, guitars--even tympani!  It's how I play with my current dance band, and it's just the thing to pick me up between learning this new network application or troubleshooting an old one.

    * And speaking of campers (above), finding WHERE to camp, and then making reservations early enough to get something when COVID-19 has campground & RV Park spaces at all-time high demands.  I've got seven reservations out there now, and five are confirmed, with positive suggestions for the remaining two.  All are at places where I'll be on the water, and my boat comes along behind the camper this year.

    Swift packets, and may your morale stay high!

  • Enjoy Rick... We are trying to re-plan the Outer Banks trip ourselves...   On the road again soon we hope!

    (2 years ago at Myrtle Beach)

  • It feels like we are all "losing our marbles". The suns out though now in the UK and so more of us are feeling a bit better. Companies seem also in shock, i've had the occasional bit of effort from a manager to pursue mental health agenda's but they don't seem to know how to handle this. I guess this pandemic may set the boundaries for future policies within companies for mental health situations. So some good will hopefully come from this.

  • I mentioned humor in my original post.. here's some examples lately of keeping everyone loose on our team meetings.