What does the day to day look like in a Monitoring team?


Apologies if this question doesn't belong in this forum...

I'm just trying to get a grasp of what the usual day to day looks like working within a monitoring team.

What is expected of a monitoring analyst/monitoring engineer? 


  • Finding a more or less standard definition of what a 'Monitoring team' is can be quite challenging, but I can speak of my team, provide a quick break-down of the main areas of focus (and crucial skills).

    We are a two person team working for a large company and in charge of various monitoring tools (including Orion, with an inventory of ~5000 nodes).

    - Device management: - We have offloaded most of our device management tasks (add/remove/update) to Network/Server Operations teams (we have documentation available that describes various workflows) and plan to partially automate it in the near future (most of our devices are in our CMDB and we are working on an integration with it). We rarely provide support if new custom properties need to be created, pollers need to be customized (node details, mem & CPU and UnDP) or troubleshooting.

    - We mostly focus on optimizations, customizations (customized views, reports and alerts) and platform operation (troubleshooting, upgrades and basic OS tasks - our servers are managed by a dedicated team).

    - Scripting/programming skills are a must (the lines between monitoring engineer and part-time software developer are sometimes quite blurred) - with SQL, HTML/CSS, JS and PowerShell (or your scripting language of choice) as core competencies.

    - The monitoring engineer is a jack of all trades: part network engineer, part sysadmin, part support technician, part project manager and part software developer (in various variable proportions).

    In the end it all depends on the size of you team and you company. You could be more hands-on (managing devices as well) or more focused on platform management and customization. 

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