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Powershell: how to create application with specific name or rename the application after creation


i can create an application with the command:

$applicationId = (Invoke-SwisVerb $SiwsConnection "Orion.APM.Application" "CreateApplication" @(
    # Node ID
    # Application Template ID
    # Credential Set ID
    # Skip if duplicate (in lowercase)
and than the "Application Monitor Name" is the same like the template name.
But i need to create it with an different  Application Monitor Name.
Can i create the application with an specific name or change afterwards the "Application Monitor Name"?
  • i tryed with:

    # prepare a custom property value

    $customProps = @{

    But this even not works... :-(

    Common, it's the only possibility to change the Application name in SQL with the stored procedure  "apm_ApplicationEdit" or exist a correct way to do it?