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Custom code to disable monitor collection for X minutes

Hi Thwack community,

Just curious if this can can be done or has been done.

A little background:

In AppInsight, we have a monitor on a specific server\instance that has a definite heartbeat on a daily basis  and throwing an alert.

Putting the node into Maintenance Mode for this time period, that would make no sense as it would disable all monitor collection.

The idea that the team as been throwing around is to see if we can create a custom script to stop data collection on that single monitor for that specific node for the time range in question.

I know that this sounds like a total hack, but we do not want to increase the threshold Warning or Critical value for this monitor, because this spiked value is so high, it would make the object completely useless.

Yes we could just write this off as normal server activity but are curious if something like this can actually be accomplished.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.