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Where are new Thwack Store items announced?

I see some new items are in the Thwack Store, but can't really get a good look with such low res images.  Is there another area where these updates are posted, perhaps with more detailed photos?

  • A slightly bigger image can be viewed by right-clicking and choosing to open the image in a new tab, but it would still be nice to know if/where new additions are announced.

  • I have mentioned this to the admins about having some details on the items via a click on the item or a hover over the picture or description. I know in the past something of the sort existed but that was a couple of platforms ago.  I'd create an idea for it but there is not an area for that regarding the Thwack Store....that is an idea in itself.  By being able to submit ideas to the store area, we can suggest things like ideas for new items, store functionality suggestions, etc.