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Best Off-Label Uses for Solarwinds Products

Solarwinds has awesome tools for monitoring and managing your environment, it's true, but anyone given tools capable of doing things will find things for them to do.

  • SAM can monitor anything, but what's the weirdest thing you've made it monitor?
  • We had an SE create a WPM transaction to order a sandwich from Jimmy Johns: push a button, get a sandwich!  What could you use WPM for?
  • Create a game like NCM Roulette: every [time interval] have NCM pick a random device, pick a random port, and shut that port down!  Or change a VLAN tag!  Fun for all ages?

Anyway, any off-kilter-but-clever (or not so clever) uses of the Solarwinds products in your environment?

  • Now if I could get the pizza guy to pick  up my starbucks order on the way....

  • When there are high demand product releases I often set up SAM to monitor content on store inventory pages or dedicated tracker pages for the text "in stock". Fires off an alert to my cell phone with the details so I can run to pick up said product. This has worked flawlessly for the Xbox 360 release years ago, the Xbox 1 release, PS3 and yes, the PS4 (sold it).

  • I haven't done it but there's no reason you couldn't use it as a thermostat. Monitor a thermometer, send a message to trigger a relay to turn the heater/air conditioner on or off.