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Best Off-Label Uses for Solarwinds Products

Solarwinds has awesome tools for monitoring and managing your environment, it's true, but anyone given tools capable of doing things will find things for them to do.

  • SAM can monitor anything, but what's the weirdest thing you've made it monitor?
  • We had an SE create a WPM transaction to order a sandwich from Jimmy Johns: push a button, get a sandwich!  What could you use WPM for?
  • Create a game like NCM Roulette: every [time interval] have NCM pick a random device, pick a random port, and shut that port down!  Or change a VLAN tag!  Fun for all ages?

Anyway, any off-kilter-but-clever (or not so clever) uses of the Solarwinds products in your environment?

  • I think it was in 2013 I watched a SolarWinds Lab on when the office moved and Patrick and Lawrence gave a tour. They talked about how they made everything in the data center SNMP-enabled for monitoring. Specifically the Power, they setup monitoring for hotspots, utilization, etc. This hot me thinking...

    My company has horrendous issues with power, especially in the remote warehouses. Sure, we have rackmountable UPS'es, but how many times have I visited locations and the UPS faceplate is showing all red lights, or the UPS is turned off because, "it was making this loud beep". So we used NPM/SAM to monitor the UPS'es, via SNMPwalk, for utilization, battery life, battery health,and battery output and theoretical capabilities. Also, we would prevent the technicians from leaving if they did not reset the " install date " in the UPS for when they installed them because we monitored for that too. Eaton, APC, Tripp, others... you name it.

    Also, pure DAM for Tomcat on MS Windows. That app is so klugey we have to monitor service, port, return script, process, process utilization, and others. It drives us nuts!!!

  • Solarwinds' stuff is fantastic for home maintenence

  • Looking at adding an SNMP enabled thermostat for home and other devices (water sensors? and etc) and centralize the monitoring on a raspberry pi. Looking at Solar Winds for monitoring/alerting.

  • Peter,  please share your custom pollers for UPS. It can benefit a lot of folks in the community

    Network Performance Monitor

  • It's a floor polish AND a dessert topping!

  • Now we're monitoring the fuel level in the boiler plant via the network, and also the HVAC conditions in several hundred locations.  True, it's a potential security nightmare--the vendors who are adding network connectivity to their systems don't necessarily understand how to do it securely.

    Anything from pneumatic tube delivery systems to drug delivery systems to heart monitors to "I've fallen and I can't get up"--they're all on the network, and once there, Solarwinds can help.

  • Haha option 3 is a classic but might be career limiting. Would be fun to play in the IT department though.

  • God.  I don't have any off label uses but I read the NCM Roulette idea.  That sounds like the height of all evil.  Stuff would break and it would take some people forever to figure it out with as big as my network is.  That stuff is Joker-like evil. ~.~

  • We setup WPM to monitor a ticket site to alert us when they went on sale for a band.  emoticons_happy.png  I have also setup things like SAM/WPM to monitor Netflow for things like Youtube etc so you were alerted to know if these were trending on your network.

    Great post this!


  • LOL, however if you had NCM you would be able to see what changed and by whom am know it was a job within  emoticons_wink.png