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Cisco VIRL - anyone using it?

I am wondering if anyone is using Cisco VIRL and what their experience with it is?  Specifically Cisco VIRL, i am already up to speed with GNS3/dynamips, this is more of a product curiosity.


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  • No, Packet Tracer is still around.  The big difference is what you want to do.  Packet Tracer is awesome for CCNA level stuff, and it's a breeze to set up.  VIRL is a lot more complex, but you can do a lot more with it.  I actually use both (and GNS3) depending on what I am trying to do.  If it's a simple test of something Packet Tracer all the way.  VIRL gets used for the stuff that GNS3 can't support, and GNS3 fits somewhere in the middle.

    VIRL is mostly routing.  You can do some switching stuff, but in the initial release it was basically only routers.  Cost depends on the license (standard is $200 or student is $80). VIRL - Virtual Internet Routing Lab