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Cisco VIRL - anyone using it?

I am wondering if anyone is using Cisco VIRL and what their experience with it is?  Specifically Cisco VIRL, i am already up to speed with GNS3/dynamips, this is more of a product curiosity.


  • I meant to say, they mostly use GNS3 for CLI work, but occasionally switch over to VIRL.

    GNS3 is a lot easier to set up and work with (IMHO), but VIRL has newer, advanced features - such as switches, BFD, Nexus, CSR, etc.

    GNS3, you have to supply IOS - v15 will run on a 7206 GNS3 image, others are v12.  VIRL supplies new IOS - 15. Also IOS-XE, NXOS.

    VIRL requires some beefy hardware to install on - such as ESXi with a lot of memory.  GNS3 not as much, and will run on regular windows, MAC, linux.

    GNS3 is FREE.  VIRL (Student version) is $200-150 and limited to 15 devices.

    GNS3 support is community supported.  VIRL support is also community supported.

    Basic testing, fast testing /labbing - GNS3.  Advanced feature, switching, newest code - VIRL.

  • Hi,

    Usally i create my labs based on gns, but ive tried Boson NetSim 10 (not free)

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