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Show us your geek cred - a thread

You’re spending this month learning about our Head Geeks in our February Monthly Mission, but we’d like to learn what makes you geek out. Tell us a story about a project, aspirational dream, or just something you fan girl/boy over that shows us what type of geek you are.

TL;DR: tell us you’re a geek without telling us you’re a geek #TheTellMeChallenge.

To earn a chance to win the Arc Star Floating Speaker, answer the prompt above*. To be a good THWACKster, comment on and/or give kudos to your fellow geeks’ contributions.

*Maximum one entry per person. Terms & Conditions apply.

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  • I have always been trying to find better and automated ways of doing things whether it was a requirement or a challenge, sometimes both.  

    From the encrypted password vault I wrote in perl back in the mid 2000's to finding a way to take the fire departments callout tones and ring a bell in order to wake up the night crew or ensure the day crew was aware of the call in case they were working out in the vehicle bay.

    My current project is using an android tablet to control/log my HF radio in the truck so I can make DX contacts while driving. Ham radio and computers have become extremely integrated these days especially with digital modes and Software Defined Radio (SDR). While not specifically defined, HRaaS (Ham Radio as a Service) does exist via a few apps for your phone, tablet, etc as long as you are properly licensed where via the internet you can utilize someone elses station.  

  • During a 10k run, I was self talking about an issue a client had. 

    By the end of the run, I not only solved the issue - but thought of the SQL code which will do it.   

  • Wow! That is one heck of a collection!
  • My most recent work geek out was getting an HA alert for Fortinet Firewalls to work as SWI doesn't support them out of the box and nobody seems to be able to help.

  • My latest hobbies include repurposing old electronics, and taking down a hedge fund. 

  • My hobbies take me completely away from technology.  I am an avid cyclist.  I average over 4000 miles per year.  I like spending time tying flies and fly fishing.  As often as possible, I will combine those activities. I ride a touring bike, Surly Long Haul Trucker, so I can carry my fly rods and gear with me.  

    I also spend a fair amount of time teaching bike safety classes for non profits and the local school systems.  I guess that makes me a bike nerd.

  • My stress relief has always been music.  All kinds of music.  For the past 20 years or so, I've been the lead singer in a band.

    The band currently (and always has) consisted of me...just me.  I generally sit at my desk with headphones on all day, but whenever the wife and kids are gone, I'm belting out everything...Alice in Chains, Barenaked Ladies, Counting Crows, Disturbed, Everlast, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, etc. (yes I've got at least one from every letter in the alphabet in my arsenal).

    The dog and cats sometimes look at me funny.

  • As a kid I went to the library and read airplane manuals! Then in high school I so wanted to learn how to put games on my graphing calculator that I read the TI-83+ and TI-89 manuals cover to cover. Had no clue that those things would set me off to be what I am today! 

  • It's become a slight addiction, gathering metrics from strength training/running/sports. Comparing the recorded data between sources, Garmin watch vs Chest HR strap. Gives me motivation to try harder to gather more data.

  • Does spending your spare time as an eight year old figuring out how many integer numbers I could make using only four 4s in mathematical equations count? Spending uncountable hours on John Conway's Game of Life? Tracking 100,000 rolls from generated by a Mersenne Twister while playing competitive Axis & Allies online just to prove I really did receive below average results (just shy of 0.6% under average).