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Show us your geek cred - a thread

You’re spending this month learning about our Head Geeks in our February Monthly Mission, but we’d like to learn what makes you geek out. Tell us a story about a project, aspirational dream, or just something you fan girl/boy over that shows us what type of geek you are.

TL;DR: tell us you’re a geek without telling us you’re a geek #TheTellMeChallenge.

To earn a chance to win the Arc Star Floating Speaker, answer the prompt above*. To be a good THWACKster, comment on and/or give kudos to your fellow geeks’ contributions.

*Maximum one entry per person. Terms & Conditions apply.

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  • My latest fixation began last month with smart home and automation. So far I have been testing the water with a samsung smartthings hub, 5 or 6 smart bulbs, 2 smart plugs, a motion sensor and an echo dot. I've started with replacing the bulbs in the most used rooms with the smart bulbs and setting up some routines such as morning/night time and TV time. I'm experimenting with the motion sensor for the garage lights so I'm not falling over everything getting to the switch to turn the current light on.

    Plans for the future are replacing the bathroom lights with smart bulbs and a motion sensor that will automatically switch on when someone enters the bathroom if its getting dark outside and if its late at night will only switch on a dim red light with a press button to turn all bulbs on white if needed.

    I seem to loose interest in things after a while so who knows I may have got bored by the time I come to the bathroom 

  • So .... I am a sports nut (Boston Centric)... below is my bar area (sports themed - Picture #1).... 

    I am also a tech manager and old time cartoon lover.... (my two WFH buddies with my SW coffee mug - Picture #2) 

    (some days I wonder if I am the personification of Wile E. Coyote )

    IMG-2285 (1).JPG

    IMG-2272 (1).JPG

  • I enjoy movies.  Finding various meanings, foreshadowing, trying to solve the movie before they end, etc.  For this reason, I really enjoy Christopher Nolan movies.  He tends to add things to the movies that either cross-reference other movies, or he'll add clues into a move that you might completely miss and still enjoy the movie.  This type of detail allows for re-watch-ability of the individual movie or an entire franchise.

    For example, did you know that in Episode 3, Revenge of the Sith, there were many minor details that aren't easily noticeable.  Things like, you could see the Millennium Falcon in one scene, or that George Lucas made an appearance. 

  • I hope you get to have all of that behind you in zoom meetings

  • Back when I worked for WorldCom, I worked with this guy (a consultant to us) from International Networking Services (INS). We called him Lightning Boy, because he had been struck by lightning three times. I was in charge of the HP OpenView systems. I guess he figured he could do Network Management better than the OpenView people. HP upped their price a lot, and this guy created his own company and came out with a floppy disk that he sold for $100. He continued to add to it. 


    Who is this geek, and what did he come up with to compete with HP OpenView?

    Edit: Since no one has guessed, I will just post the answer. This is Don Yonce, the founder of SolarWinds.

  • Current hobby is turning my old electronics into network appliances.  Old desktop in routes and firewalls, laptops into displays and wifi access points, old cell phones into cameras and touch displays .

  • I've recently inherited the Solarwinds deployment at my workplace and have been spending a lot of time exploring all the modules we have in place. I've been trying to learn how to get the most out of VMAN and how it applies to our environment.

    I have a degree in CSE and like to explore different projects when time allows for it. Marvel is my comic of choice, but I also enjoy DC from time to time.

  • I like to take broken and old tech and try to unbreak it.

    Also making it a personal goal to start teaching my kids at least the basics of computing so maybe they can get better than me and we can start working more. 

    I seriously enjoy watching and building/creating Lego stuff with my son via Lego robotics.  We are looking for a used Mindstorm set we can get for personal use, and start building some  Rube Goldberg type machines at our house. 

    On top of that I like playing with new tech as well, not just for the fun but to also keep up to date with new stuff. 

  • Hey guys whos missing this bad ass? 

    thwack Tamagotchi.png

  • I am going through a LIFE changing event.  I no longer have access to my wood shop (or room) to release stress and get my creative juices flowing.  I found another "hobby" albeit an expensive one.  I got into making stuff with resin.  Sometimes I wish I didn't because of the expense but the peace of mind it gives me helps.  What is the old saying the cost of ... isn't as high as the cost of .... cannot remember it.  I don't have any pics of my work on my work PC but will try to find some.  I do have a IG  so you can go there to see wood projects and resin projects that I have created..


    AKA Todd