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Show us your geek cred - a thread

You’re spending this month learning about our Head Geeks in our February Monthly Mission, but we’d like to learn what makes you geek out. Tell us a story about a project, aspirational dream, or just something you fan girl/boy over that shows us what type of geek you are.

TL;DR: tell us you’re a geek without telling us you’re a geek #TheTellMeChallenge.

To earn a chance to win the Arc Star Floating Speaker, answer the prompt above*. To be a good THWACKster, comment on and/or give kudos to your fellow geeks’ contributions.

*Maximum one entry per person. Terms & Conditions apply.

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  • I have always been trying to find better and automated ways of doing things whether it was a requirement or a challenge, sometimes both.  

    From the encrypted password vault I wrote in perl back in the mid 2000's to finding a way to take the fire departments callout tones and ring a bell in order to wake up the night crew or ensure the day crew was aware of the call in case they were working out in the vehicle bay.

    My current project is using an android tablet to control/log my HF radio in the truck so I can make DX contacts while driving. Ham radio and computers have become extremely integrated these days especially with digital modes and Software Defined Radio (SDR). While not specifically defined, HRaaS (Ham Radio as a Service) does exist via a few apps for your phone, tablet, etc as long as you are properly licensed where via the internet you can utilize someone elses station.  

  • My wife has a small collection and has bought me a few...oh you know because I had to have them LOL (they were really for her).  The ones "supposedly" for me are Geralt, Triss, Ciri, and the small one up front that's from Rick and Morty.  Also...she did get me one thing that's pretty neat I'll add a pic of below the Pops......