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Show us your geek cred - a thread

You’re spending this month learning about our Head Geeks in our February Monthly Mission, but we’d like to learn what makes you geek out. Tell us a story about a project, aspirational dream, or just something you fan girl/boy over that shows us what type of geek you are.

TL;DR: tell us you’re a geek without telling us you’re a geek #TheTellMeChallenge.

To earn a chance to win the Arc Star Floating Speaker, answer the prompt above*. To be a good THWACKster, comment on and/or give kudos to your fellow geeks’ contributions.

*Maximum one entry per person. Terms & Conditions apply.

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  • My most recent geek-out has been Funko! Pops. I don't have alot of them yet, but they are so freaking addicting!

  • Am I speaking another language? Is there a time when you are talking to another company employee and you have to translate what you are saying into, say English? It feels like the chilly pepper song, sometimes I feel like my only friend is the city I live know the rest.

  • It fascinates me about what things are made of and a challenge to take things apart see how they work, then put them back together in working order again. Especially all kinds of electronics.

  • Home-Office1.jpgHome-Office2.jpg

    I think a picture says a thousand words for my "working from home office during this pandemic"

  • Allow myself to introduce.........myself.

    I like Sci-Fi, and action, Marvel and DC.   I collect baseball cards and memorabilia, I like Cactus, and live in Florida.  I have 3 phones, 2 iPads, an echo dot, 3 laptops, 1- 2 in 1 device, one desktop and a Intel compute stick, 4 monitors and an additional 50 inch tv all in my office.  I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 child and a sometimes owl on the patio by the pool.   I am also a Thwack MVP.   If that isn't enough, I have been in two SpiceWorks Broadcasts, been in a HP commercial, and been present at SolarWinds for ThwackCamp.  So what am I...   

    Pictured to add color...


  • I don't think my Geek is traditional in the sense of the word and more of the definition. I think a lot of the former Geek things people did are now more popular then they were before


    an unfashionable or socially inept person.

    a performer at a carnival or circus whose show consists of bizarre or grotesque acts.

    - I favor clothes that are comfortable, not fashionable. Never owned a pair of skinny jeans or slim fit shirts.

    - I stick to things I know I like, verse the latest trends or new items. Why reinvent the wheel because a company wants to make more money off consumers.

    - I'm an introvert. The pandemic has not really affected my social interactions. Extremely small circle of friends, I don't like to go to gatherings outside that circle. I prefer to stay home and work on my hobbies vs going to a party, bar, concert, festval, etc.

    - All my hobbies are DIY stuff (Which is now trending, ironically). Home made beer and wine, wood working projects for around the house, gardening/canning food, hunting, home repair, etc. 

    - I don't play games, I don't watch sci-fi shows or movies, I don't collect anything, and not a fan of LARPing. None of those traditional geek things I see so many folks doing these days.

    So I guess my geek is that I just do my own thing, away from other people. And I can live with that.

  • When I watch the Big Bang Theory and get all the jokes and have to explain them to my wife, does that say something about me or my wife?

    She hates to watch a movie with me that has a computer aspect to it because I keep saying, "You know, that's not how it works." I do the same thing with car movies too though.

    To be fair I'm only half geek because I maintain my own muscle car that I've owned since 1980, including rebuilding the engine and turning nearly every bolt on the entire car personally. Bonus points: It will run after the EMP kills all the Teslas.


  • I watched "Star Trek: The Animated Series" when it was first broadcast on Saturday mornings.

    I built the original AMT model kits of the USS Enterprise, Klingon and Romulan ships, the three part phaser/communicator/tricorder set, and Spock shooting a snake.  I also built the USS Seaview, and the Flying Sub (not to the same scale), "The Invaders" spaceship, and the AMT "UFO" in glow-in-the-dark plastic.

    I watched "Doctor Who" on channel WOR when they showed the original format half-hour episodes.

    I watched "Blake's 7".

    I watched "Babylon 5", communicated with the creator, J. Michael Straczynski via email, and one of my ideas made it into an episode.

    I still have some 3.5" and even one 5.25" floppy disk, just because.

    I used the first generation of Macs, and even got to try a Lisa.

    I supported an office using OS/2.

    I participated in flame wars on multiple internet groups before most of you were born!

  • For me as a late its been lots of studying for my SCP on NPM and then building up a new raspberry pi to learn Linux system administration (after years of not touching linux). Ive also been working on fixing my NES controller (yes original NES)