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Looking for more geeky slogans!

As those of you who have attended Cisco Live and VMWorld in the US or Europe know, we've gotten some fantastic slogans from our community and employees for our Buttons and Stickers. 

We've got a great running list of slogans, but we need the assistance of our fabulous thwack community members to help us come up with some new ones!  To get the creative juices flowing, here's a few favorites from the current selection:

·         I’m here because you broke something

·        I’m not babbling I’m just encrypted

·        To err is human; to really screw up, you need root

·        It’s not that I can’t explain it; it’s just that you wouldn’t understand

·        No, the network is not down

·         My head is in The Cloud

·         Don't Pee in my Virtual Pool

·         I caught the Ether-Bunny in my EtherNet

·         Byte Me

For the best submissions, I've got some great SolarWinds Geek swag to give out!!
Thanks for the assistance,
PS - here are some photos to inspire, as well...