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Geeky Valentine's day Ideas?

Its almost that time again, and you can tell. There is heart shaped candy, red and pink splattered over everything, and music about love being played everywhere!

So I was thinking, writers write poems or stories and musicians write songs, what would a geek do? I'd love to hear ideas you may have for the upcoming

battle for love or even previous things you've personally done for your significant other in the past ^^

  • God this makes me sound like much more of a Nerd than most.  I play World of Warcraft with my wife.  I gave her some items on there that she has been looking for and a months subscription token.  Not the most romantic, but still a fun time.

  • I think i did something similar when I was in Middle school. I had my girlfriend (at the time) join MapleStory to play online with me just so I could "propose" to her and get married in the game emoticons_silly.png It cost a TON even in the virtual world to get married xD

  • I was the best man in my friends EverQuest wedding and then years later I was the best man at the real deal to the same girl. Gotta say the PvP arena we had at the virtual wedding reception added a little something you just can't find at RL weddings LOL

  • Marriage always costs a ton.  It doesn't matter where it is.

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