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Geeky Valentine's day Ideas?

Its almost that time again, and you can tell. There is heart shaped candy, red and pink splattered over everything, and music about love being played everywhere!

So I was thinking, writers write poems or stories and musicians write songs, what would a geek do? I'd love to hear ideas you may have for the upcoming

battle for love or even previous things you've personally done for your significant other in the past ^^

  • Years ago I wrote a pretty basic script that just popped up a message that said "How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways." And then I put a counter that was set on an infinite loop, so it just continued to increment.

    Cheesy as all hell, but I was told it was cute.

  • The only thing I remember was i think 2 years ago i wrote this mini program in .NET and had a specific girl answer a bunch of questions about our relationship then at the end if everything was right, It would prompt her to ask if she wanted to be my valentine emoticons_happy.png

  • I haven't read the book, but it is the first thing that came to mind when I read "Geeky Valentine's Day Ideas"

    Geek Love.jpg

  • Great book, but the book uses "geek" in the sense of a carnival geek - you know, the guy who bites the heads off chickens - not the IT sense.

  • Like I said, it is not a book I have read but it is the one that came to mind.

  • Lol looks pretty interesting, I may read it once I put down my Network+ and CCNA books emoticons_silly.png

  • I send this to my wife ILOVEYOU she loves it. Her school IT folks hate it but there will always be those V-Day haters.

  • the geek in me doesn't celebrate valentines day . . . neither does the non-geek

    I don't subscribe to the over-commercialization of love, neither does my SO

    its just another day that suckers overpay on chocolate, lingerie and roses

    if you are doing it to get laid and it works . . . then by all means go ahead

  • The SO and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day per se, either. We celebrate Good-Excuse-to-Buy-Chocolate-From-The-Fancy-Shop Day on the 14th (they're open late) and Half-Price-Boxed-Candy Day on February 15th, though.

    We also celebrate the Discount-Pesadekh-Chocolate holiday, which starts on 23 Nisan here, and the festival of Two Cadbury Eggs for 99 Cents on the Monday after Easter.

  • My fiance lives 7000+ miles away from me. I wish I could spend Valentine's Day or any day with her but I can't. To top it all off she does not have the best internet connection so at times it makes it hard for us to spend time together at all even on Skype or any other app. But what we have done in the past on Valentine's Day or birthdays, holidays, etc. I got a hosted Minecraft server as close as I could get one to where she lives and we go there and build things together and spend time together.

    Last year I logged into the largest birthday cake and red stone I Love You sign I have ever seen. She built it while I was sleeping. I could not stop smiling all day.