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Penny for your thought: Star Wars Force Awaken


What did everyone think about the new Star Wars Force Awaken?

I thought it was good, yet it raises more question than answers.

  • I thought it was epic. Saw it twice (so far). First with the wife, then with my Dad. Star Wars has always been a bit part of my family's common likes, and everyone liked what they saw.

    Despite what many people have said, (including my wife) I don't think it's a copy of A New Hope. Sure, it has plenty of similarities, but it stands on it's own in so many ways.

    It bodes well for the rest of the new trilogy, and I'm really looking forward to the new stand alone films. Rogue One could be amazing if done right emoticons_happy.png

  • I thought it was pretty good. It's hard to compare watching the new one with my old eight-year-old self watching the originals on VHS.

    The whole Death Star concept coming back though was pretty lame in my opinion. Be more creative please...

  • seems like the reboot of episode IV, the storyline is very similar:

    1. lost orphan on a desert plant that suddenly discovers the Force is with them

    2. Death Star reborn

    3. Darth Vader's immature grandkid with an attitude and identity crisis

    4. Jedi master training new kid

    5. Lost droid looking for it's master

    I was happy to see all the old cast return, not too happy about killing off the old Solo

    new Jedi is a girl, well that was refreshing

  • A new Star Wars is a good Star Wars.  I won't argue with those who don't like one director more than another; I'm just happy to have another Saturday afternoon matinee to enjoy.  And it was clean enough that I can talk about it with my kids, knowing they'll have seen it. 

    I like the questions it creates.  I like rethinking the old episodes from a different point of view.

    I like the anticipation of considering where'd Rey come from, and what will Luke's part be in the future episodes.  Speculating about Snoke is interesting, too.

    I loved BB8.  A new, lovable emoting character that is CGI without being Binks.