Penny for your thought: Star Wars Force Awaken


What did everyone think about the new Star Wars Force Awaken?

I thought it was good, yet it raises more question than answers.

  • Spoilers ...

    Does anyone else not think it's basically a copy of Episode IV? 

    Kid discovers "force" powers, inherited from unknown parents.  Jedi master was training young unknown kid, a relative to the first one, who turns away from the light side and goes over to the dark,  adopts a black outfit, has a really old ugly dude as a mentor/master, bad guys looking for droid with map to rebel base/"leader of rebels" (well, last Jedi, but whatever), han, chewie, and the Falcon transporting people and droid with map, to rebels.  Plan for a few unlikely rebels/newB's to sneak onto the death star/planet.

    Come on ... it's almost the SAME movie ...

  • Yea... it follows the same formula. Just like the latest Star Trek movies follow the same formulas of the earlier Star Trek movies. This is what Abrams does! He is all style and very little substance. Reference to my post from earlier, it is almost insulting!

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