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Penny for your thought: Star Wars Force Awaken


What did everyone think about the new Star Wars Force Awaken?

I thought it was good, yet it raises more question than answers.

  • I liked it and I didn't.  I went into the movie without high expectations because I didn't want to be disappointed and I wasn't totally.

    I was happy that they followed in the same look and feel of episodes 4-6.  But in the end, it still felt under developed.

    Like many books it should be able to stand on it's own, but too much was required to be known in the past episodes and

    too much was left blank.  Yes, it bodes well for sequels to fill the voids, it just seemed to be missing something.

  • I was convinced to go. I had sworn off the Star Wars franchise eons ago. I had learned that, regardless of the franchise, episode n+2 , and so on, gets more and more diluted. I am also not a fan of JJ Abrahms at all. He has a very specific formula. To me it is transparent, to the point where it can be insulting.

    But I went anyway... it was enjoyable, not great. I thought there was waaaay too much Leia and Han connecting and remorsing. I did enjoy the new young guns cast. They were fun to watch and they brought a new spirit to the franchise. Kudos to them! BB-8 was a fun droid with personality too. My advice: Luke should have a bit part in the next one, like Yoda did in ep. 5, and then die. Give this franchise to the millennial generation. It is theirs now.

  • This was the first movie in a LONG time that actually felt like the "REAL" Star Wars.  I was fortunate to see the first 3 at the movies (without sounding like an old woman) and I fell madly in love with all things Star Wars.  I was so disappointed with the next 3; they lacked so many components that made me love the 'original' movies.

    I LOVED the fact that I had the opportunity to take my son to this one and have him see a very different version than he has known as the Star Wars.  I felt the same goose bumps and joy when I say Han and Chewie (who doesn't love a Wookie?).  I know it sounds mushy and goes against all things millennial, but I don't care, I loved it (with a dash of angst).  As my son's friend pointed out, the REAL Star Wars to him are the ones that came much later than the ones I loved.  Which lead to a discussion about which movies were the best and by far the argument remains that he feels the newer ones are the best and that I am antiquated.

    Yes, from a purely mental aspect (all emotional ties aside), this film did leave so many frustrating unanswered questions. I felt there should have been a few things that were a little clearer, but as stated previously that just leaves room for more sequels.

    Just an opinion.  emoticons_blush.png

  • I've only watched it once, and I went in with pretty high expectations and was rather... disappointed. I'm not sure if it's just how my taste is for movies now a days, but it felt kinda rushed and there were several parts that kinda killed the seriousness and epicness of the series. That being said I have to say I liked it better than episodes 1-3, but didn't quite meet my expectations to match episodes 4-6. I think if i watched it with lower expectations I would have enjoyed it a lot more and if I watch it again i'll probably enjoy it more than the first time emoticons_happy.png

  • I went with lowered expectations and left with a satisfied feeling.  It really felt like i was watching an updated version of episode 4.  Worth the money, the kids loved it, so overall i can't complain.  As most series type movies, you know after the first one there would be more questions than answers.

  • I did not like the new movie.  The reason, I guess I am out of touch with reality and did not realize that George Lucas sold the rights to Disney.

  • Spoilers ...

    Does anyone else not think it's basically a copy of Episode IV? 

    Kid discovers "force" powers, inherited from unknown parents.  Jedi master was training young unknown kid, a relative to the first one, who turns away from the light side and goes over to the dark,  adopts a black outfit, has a really old ugly dude as a mentor/master, bad guys looking for droid with map to rebel base/"leader of rebels" (well, last Jedi, but whatever), han, chewie, and the Falcon transporting people and droid with map, to rebels.  Plan for a few unlikely rebels/newB's to sneak onto the death star/planet.

    Come on ... it's almost the SAME movie ...

  • Yea... it follows the same formula. Just like the latest Star Trek movies follow the same formulas of the earlier Star Trek movies. This is what Abrams does! He is all style and very little substance. Reference to my post from earlier, it is almost insulting!