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Rage against the virtual machine

I'm not sure how many people have noticed already, but there are a couple of new shirts in the store. I find this one quite amusing:


  • Once I waited to get a shirt and they ran out of my size before I ordered. 

    As I tell my wife, "If you see it and want it at a show/flea market/garage sale BUY IT!  Because, I do not want to hear the crying and complaining about it later when you come back and it is gone."  I will tell you that the crying and complaining part can last longer then the item if purchased would have been around.

    This also applies to something seen on the side of the road on an island you will never return to while on a cruise or an item in the Thwack Store.


  • Thanks for the tip. I ordered it Friday morning, it shipped Friday morning, and over the course of the weekend made it all the way from Austin to Ft. Worth. I guess it'll get here sometime this week, at any rate.

  • once it ships from Austin to DFW, it is usually ~2 days door to door. 

    Of course I have to wait for the mailroom so I have to wait an extra day or two.

  • Got it yesterday. Now my wife wants one.

    ...and I don't even know that she really knows what a virtual machine is.

  • Wear it to a rock concert and observe who is under the influence.

    I enjoyed wearing it in Hollywood, CA on Sunset between Gardner and Vista.  I went shopping at Mesa Boogie, Sam Ash and Guitar Center then had lunch at the Sunset Grill.

    I was about half way through lunch when I looked up at a album framed on the wall.  It was Don Henley's "Sunset Grill".  I did not realize I was walking into that "Sunset Grill".  After going through the lyrics in my head I thought about how observant Don Henley was when he wrote that song.  Only difference for me was the sky was clear and blue that day.

    The next day I went to Amoeba Music a few miles East of there.  I can check Amoeba off the bucket list.