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Gamers Console


I was curious what the gamers thought. How many have an:

  • PS4
  • BOTH 

Also, what is your favorite game?

  • PC with wireless Xbox 360 controllers FTW - Can't beat Steam game prices.

  • Dang that's a pretty long list of consoles!

  • I am like a lot of others here.  My world no longer includes a lot of time for gaming.  I have a family and enjoy spending time with them now.  I don't think games are what they used to be.  There is too much crap packaged into the games these days.  I guess I'm just getting old school.  I can find much better things to spend my money on and I have no time to waste on video games.  I always have something to do and kids really keep me on the go.

  • PS4. GTA V and Call of Duty help me take out my rage once in while.

    This could be done on XBONE as well.

    Used to game way more, now I spend my free time either at the gym or with my family.

  • Same here. I occasionally buy into consoles, but at my roots, I am a PC gamer. Spent most of the past weekend on Steam too. Sometimes it takes a little more investment to be a PC gamer though.

  • I agree with jagordon I enjoy the PC to game on and I also use the xbox 360 controller. steam is great especially when they have their sales. I have a catalog of games I bought on steam sales and haven't played yet. I enjoy RPGs and action games. I am horrible at first person shooters unless you bring me back to the old days with doom and quake. Right now I am really into South Park the stick of truth and Diablo 3. I play a little hearthstone on my galaxy tab as well. yes girls are gamers too. emoticons_happy.png

  • I have mostly played PC games, lots of strategy games like the Civilization series, the non MMO Neverwinter Nights series, Team Fortress II and recently Defiance.  I hadn't owned a console for a good 20 years until a coworker, that somehow had two Xbox 360s gave me one of them and told me to use it as a trade in for an Xbox One.  He has pulled me into Destiny and Diablo III.

  • You are now one of my new favorite people. lol. That is a very impressive list. I only have my ps4 and 3ds right now, as well I'm working on getting a new laptop that'll be able to play literally everything. But I am a fan of all gaming systems. There are upsides and downsides to every one and all are fun. If you game you are a friend to me XD

  • It's PC all the way.. if there is time that is. Most day's it's relief through a Guitar rather than simulated chaos. But the sole fact that PC versions of games are more robust, more in depth, and graphically superior* to any console.

      Most PC games get more development than the console version of the game, you may have to wait a little longer but it is worth it.

    * Take old GTA Games, on the PC you can read every street sign, every billboard.... try getting that on your xbox  (that phrase may be dated)

  • I have both Xbox 360 and Xbox One as it stands. I love playing Fighting games and they are always better on the consoles.

    I am sad that Street Fighter 5 is going to be a Playstation exculsive though.. As I would only buy a PS4 for just that one game. At least I get Killer Instinct on Xbone!