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Gamers Console


I was curious what the gamers thought. How many have an:

  • PS4
  • BOTH 

Also, what is your favorite game?

  • I've gone back and forth on which one is better for me.  Unfortunately, I have yet to pick a horse in this race...

    I have owned the original XBOX and the 360 and loved both platforms, however, I'm frustrated with Microsoft for ignoring the needs of the out of the box consumer as I run my TV in my living room from an A/V cabinet 30 feet away and still have not made a cable for the Kinect that is longer than 9 ft. long.  I realize I can simply just not use the kinect, but paying close to $500 for a console seems silly if I can't use all of its features.  That pushed my attention to the PS4 and it looks like the selection of titles fits my demographic a bit better (33, Male).  Still not completely sure if I'll buy either, but I'm leaning towards Sony's offering.

    One this is for sure though, I'm greatly enjoying the dip in prices for games for my 360!

  • Monoprice has Kinect extension cables - I have a 49ft version, and it works well.

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