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It's National Twilight Zone Day!!! Share your most unexplainable, wacky, or odd event that has occurred in your adventures in IT...


  • Let me think on this...beyond that working in IT in general can be wacky and odd at any given time.

    The graphic you used reminded me of a mid 60's tv show (short lived) call "The Time Tunnel" created by Irwin Allen who was later tiled with the title of "Master of Disaster"  including "The Poseidon Adventure" and "The Towering Inferno"


  • Wow... I remember this show.... NICE Jfrazier​ !!!

    Don't forget "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" !!!

    Any day can be Twilight Zone day in IT... My apreciation of that keeps me sane!!

  • "Lost in Space" was also Irwin Allens variations of Robinson Crusoe but set in space.

  • There are just too many occurrences during my tenure to spotlight just one. From my head-bashing days on the Help Desk to now. So, so, so many. However... I am often reminded of the movie, 12 Monkeys. The Cassandra Complex. I can predict the future yet no one believes me. That happens with regular frequency here. It often occurs when teams in the IT dept. cut corners or proceed with lack of foresight.