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Best Office IT Pranks

Every office has someone who, shall we say, fails to take good care of their system.  Maybe they've disabled the screensaver and think turning off their monitors is as good as locking their workstation.  Maybe they're very, very wrong.

In many of the offices I've worked in, leaving an unattended workstation or laptop unlocked while you smoke, get lunch or (gods forbid) go home was like hanging a neon sign on your desk flashing, "MESS WITH MY SYSTEM!"  How can you expect an office full of tech geeks not to?

Now, if you mess with it enough that the only solution is to reformat the system or roll back to a restore point, that's just mean.  It's not cool to cost someone work.

So, what's the best prank you've ever pulled?  Personally, I've:

  • Used wall paper to Hasselhoff someone, and then removed their access to the registry key for wallpaper so they couldn't change it away.
  • Set the Rick Roll to playing on YouTube
  • Edited a host file so that one non-work site they spend way too much time on routes to IP and comes up as "Cannot be displayed" and let them stew for a couple days
  • Altered the wall paper of the lock screen (which they're never going to see until it's too late, right?  That's the lesson here!)
  • Sent an e-mail from their desktop to the entire floor about how they were going to buy pizza for everyone, and to send in their topping requests
    • This also works with donuts

These are all fairly tame (we won't talk about deleting random keys from HKLM and seeing what breaks).  What have you done?  And did the victim learn their lesson and the value of WINDOWS + L?  Have you ever been the victim?

  • Richard Simmons wallpapers are very popular around here.

  • We have a company policy about locking your workstation when you leave it unattended.

    We usually start with a few emails as a gentle reminder...

    I like the pizza idea !!  I'll have to use it in the future.

    If the emails don't correct it then we do Hoff someone when the opportunity arises.  There are a few other good one's to use as well.

  • Ahem, the author is talking about me, the victim. Very funny. He edited my host file blocking out a website of mine. Now on to business. Any and all office pranksters, please DM me with your best ideas. emoticons_devil.png

  • Don't hate the player, Bronx!

  • To be completely honest, I built a game around it.

    If you leave your desktop open, someone else can walk up and run the program I put a shortcut to on the desktop.

    The program let's you log in to our AD and then writes that who caught whom when and on what machine to a SQL database and then proceeds to lock the computer and display a "GOTCHA!!!" message on the lockscreen

  • I don't have any stories that comply with policy, so I don't have any stories... emoticons_wink.png

    I have had the opportunity to witness a few.... so, there was that one time, someone's cubicle got saran-wrapped.  And another time someone's workstation got moved to their 'other' office.

  • Oh I don't. Game on...and I have the perfect prank to retaliate with...emoticons_devil.png

  • Before personal cell phones were common place, there was an employee who called their boyfriend way to often.  The PBX admin set the call routing to redirect all calls to the boyfriend to the CEO's wife's cell phone.

  • Oh and I'll take pictures of my successful prank and post them here. emoticons_laugh.png

  • Screenshot the desktop

    Remove all icons from the desktop

    Set screenshot as the wallpaper, with the "missing" icons now displayed.

    Watch victim try to figure out why double clicks no longer work.

    Screen shot desktop

    Leave all the icons in place

    Save several copies to a directory

    Insert copy of hasselhoff, rickroll, etc into same directory

    Make wallpaper rotate from images in that directory, which will show desktop - mostly - and random pictures of, well - whatever you decided to put there.

    Find .wav file of HAL telling Dave he cannot do that. 

    Create Windows Task (I did several last time for a bit of randomness) to play the file at intervals.

    Change icons on the desktop.  So what looks like the email icon you use, now opens up file manager to a network share.