Looking to get CCNA certified. Any recommendations on a training course or boot camp?

Not sure if these exist, but a course that lets you test at the end to get the CCNA (All inclusive) would be preferred.

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  • Price wouldn't be an extreme inhibitor, as my company will pay for it. Although, it would make things easier if the training and test were all in one bang. I am aware of Global knowledge and as far as I can see, testing is separate from their courses.

    Am I wrong to assume Cisco prefers the test separate and that is why it isn't found anywhere?

  • Testing has to be done through certified testing centers.  This is why they aren't strictly "all together."

    So if you want to do the course then sit the test you'll need to find someone running the training that also has a test facility.   A lot of training companies do since it's an easy up-sell.

    As for who to take the training from, I did the CCNAX bootcamp from Global Knowledge.   They included a test voucher for the combined course and a pass guarantee to get a rewrite if you fail on the first try.   That's hard to beat.