Looking to get CCNA certified. Any recommendations on a training course or boot camp?

Not sure if these exist, but a course that lets you test at the end to get the CCNA (All inclusive) would be preferred.

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  • joshyaf‌,  CCNA.  It depends if you are technical like pseudocyber‌ said or have a like job, you may be able to do some studying/education while you are work. Reading at night and investigating during the day will continue the educational track.  I also agree with  glink‌‌ in the use of GNS3.  With the CCNA from Cisco Press in hand and GNS that would be enough to pass the CCNA.  The only thing I would add is that as soon as you open the book you take the test within 60 days.  If you are new to Cisco Environment then maybe 75 days.  After those times you risk forgetting what you have learned.  I use INE.com, GNS3, and Cisco Press books for my studies.  Also, I work with the Technology I am studying on a daily basis.  My time from book opening to testing is 45 days.  It is basically a CRAM session because at any one time you may only use 20% of the material you are studying for a cert and the rest will be back ground information.

    Good luck,

  • I agree with you about the timing aspect. Some of the trivial stuff can be forgotten very quickly if you don't use it on a regular basis.

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