Looking to get CCNA certified. Any recommendations on a training course or boot camp?

Not sure if these exist, but a course that lets you test at the end to get the CCNA (All inclusive) would be preferred.

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  • As others have mentioned.

    Udemy, INE, CBT, Cisco Press, and Cisco Learning Network ($11.00/month) are great for self-learning.

    If you're going to look for more structure Global Knowledge is useful, but if you've little to no knowledge of CCNA level topics it may be tough to cram all of it in your head over the 5 class days.

    Really you shouldn't be basing your choice on if they provide an exam voucher in the end, but what you'll get out of it.  I got a voucher from GK, but even the all in 5 days wasn't enough for me to 'get' it enough to pass the exam (More time and more attention got me CCNA, Net+ and a couple others).

    In my opinion, what you should be looking for is something that complements your learning style.  If your company is willing to pay for GK, don't turn them down.  Just supplement it with something that will allow you to go at your pace.  The Chris Bryant videos on Udemy are worth it.

    And if you have a Network guy at your current job with experience and patience, I'd start picking their brain now.  I learned the most from the old guys that really enjoyed it.  And now I'm one.

  • I have an Associate degree in networking, I just never got my Cert. Basicall want a down and dirty refresh with a test at the end, "all inclusive" deal. But thanks for the tips.

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