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Helping your Service Desk determine functional responsibility with Alert Central!

In larger organizations, you will often discover that your Service Desk does not truly know who is responsible for what infrastructure. When it comes time to escalate an issue to tier 2 or 3, they may escalate the issue to the wrong group. I refer to this as the Ping-Pong effect. Taking every opportunity to communicate small details like functional responsibility will reduce your ticket times and help your Service Desk personnel draw a mental picture of service management, even if your ticket system fails to align with the ITIL mentality.


In my organization, all alerts go to my Service Desk, via SMS and Email using Alert Central. This allows the Engineering staff to focus on project work until there is a true "Critical" issue. You know we have all received an alert and said "I will get to that in a minute" and forgot all about it 30 seconds later.


Simple Steps to preventing the Ping-Pong effect.


Create a new Custom Property based on Node. Creating a Custom Property

I named mine "Functional Responsibility" so it could not be confused with Service or Service Line.


Access your Orion node management page and assign a functional team to each node. I found it easier, if you sort nodes by vendor and then modify multiple nodes at one time.


Next access your Alert Manager and for each alert that you are sharing with Alert Central, insert a new variable.


How to:

Select the Alert and then choose edit alert.


Choose Summary


Expand Alert Integration

Select Insert Variable

Type the first few letters of the custom property created earlier and hit search.


Add the new variable and click submit. Take the time to read the little tip in blue, it has prevented me from sending out countless false positives.


Repeat this process for each alert.

When your next alert is triggered, Alert Central will display which team has functional responsibility for the infrastructure if the Service Desk needs to escalate.