• Server & Application Monitor - What we're working on beyond SAM 6.2

    Server & Application Monitor 6.2 included a boatload of great new features that are going to be difficult to top, but that isn't going to stop us from trying. Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the items the te...
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  • NCM Compliance Reports Simplified

    SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) Compliance Simplified                   Security is at an all-time high for many network...
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  • What should you consider in building a good patch management strategy?

    The recent recall of 1.4 million Fiat Chrysler cars over a remote hack vulnerability is just another patch management headache waiting to happen—only on a larger scale and more frequently. But that’s the f...
    Narendran Vaideeswaran
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  • Windows 10: An Honest Review.

    Okay, I'm sure you've read my thrashing concerning Windows 8 and the slight pep I had towards Windows 8.1. Now we have Windows 10. I'll keep this brief. (Probably not.) The good: Total download and installation t...
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  • Wait...how come I'm not being moderated anymore?

    We finally did it! We built our own spam filter plug-in since we were having so many challenges with the existing spam filters, and we released it just last week! Being the geek that I am, this new plug-in has made me...
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  • Net Admin Likes Candlelight Dinners, Good Conversation, and Long (SNMP) Walks

    OK, no, not really. No, we haven't changed the format here on thwack: though you can get some good conversation in our forums, no one is going to suggest the use of candles in your network closet. And this graphic jus...
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  • Database Cloud Concerns – Security and Latency

      I’ve recently done a couple of articles about cloud databases and there have been a several common responses. First, it’s clear (and I can understand why) that moving your databases to the cloud is...
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  • 5 Deadly SysAdmin Sins

    If a bunch of SysAdmins all went out for a beer (or two) after work, there is a 99% chance they would swap user stories from their “hall-of-shame” collections. It’s hard to believe this day in age th...
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  • Picture This: A World Without IT Pros

    “You’ve been given a great gift, George: A chance to see what the world would be like without you.”   OK, it may seem strange to quote a Christmas flick right about now, but even in the middle o...
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  • Threat Intelligence Feed And Automatic Connector Updates - Log & Event Manager 6.2 Release Candidate is now available!

    I'm excited to announce that the Log & Event Manager (LEM) 6.2 Release Candidate is now available for download by customers on active maintenance! If you're too eager to read the entirety of this post and want to ...
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  • Log & Event Manager 6.2 and a Threat Intelligence Feed

    Over the last few months, the Log & Event Manager (LEM) team has been working hard on a not so short list of features. I'm excited to announce that a major feature of the upcoming release of LEM 6.2 will be someth...
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  • Log and Event Manager - Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) and Windows Security log connector update

    One of the things that we wanted to do for this release was to split out the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) from the Windows Security log connector.   Why are we splitting this out into a separate connector? T...
    Capt. Obvious
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  • SolarWinds NFR Licenses for thwack MVPs + Technology Partner MVPs

    Calling all thwack MVPs and SolarWinds Technology Partner MVPs.  We have some wishes to answer.  You can now get your own perpetual license provisioned for any SolarWinds product!  Below is the process ...
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  • What We're Working On - Web Performance Monitor

    To receive updates on the WPM roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.   With the official release of WPM 2.0.1 the WPM team is working hard to build several new and exciting features including:   Impr...
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  • WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON FOR TOOLSET (updated on 7/24/2015)

    To receive updates on the Engineers Toolset roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.   When the v11.0 with new Toolset on the Web was introduced, it brought some fresh air to the Engineer’s must-to-...
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  • What Defines You?

    A few months back, SearchNetworking editor, Chuck Moozakis interviewed me for an article discussing the future of network engineers in the IT landscape: “Will IT Generalists Replace Network Engineering Jobs?&rdq...
    Leon Adato
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  • More array support for Storage Resource Monitor in 6.2 RC

    Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) v6.2 Release Candidates is now available in the SolarWinds Customer Portal for customers on Active Maintenance.  Release Candidates can be installed on your production systems and a...
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  • Introducing: Orion User Interface (UI) Refresh

    I’ve got a question for you:  "If Orion were a car, what kind of car would it be?"   We recently asked customers this question during feedback sessions.  The responses were quite consistent, an...
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  • Securing the Line When Cutting the Cord

    Security for mobile devices in the federal space is improving, but there’s still a lot of ground to cover   In June, we partnered with Market Connections to survey decision makers and influencers within th...
    Leon Adato
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  • Vídeos dos webinares em português - 2015

    - Network Performance Monitor (NPM) - Dropbox - 2015-04-07 08.09 Apresentação ao vivo da nova versão 11.5 do Network Performance Monitor (NPM) da SolarWinds.w… . No canto superior direito voc&e...
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