• Possible to set default tunnel bandwidth?

    I have been trying to see if there is a way to set the default tunnel bandwidth to something other than 0.1. Most of ours need be set to 100 instead of .1 and until set throw our numbers out of whack.   Is this ...
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  • Any SolarWinds newbs out there who use multiple products?--We want to talk to you (and give you thwack points)

    Hi everyone,   I'm Kellie with the SolarWinds  User Experience (UX) group.  Our job is to make our products easier to use, more useful and more efficient fro our users. We rely heavily on involvement fr...
    Kellie Mecham
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  • Backing up the running config on a cisco without write access

    Can you backup a running config on a cisco switch without write access?. If you dont have privilage 15 on the switch you just get blank config backups.   This post says that it works but I have not been able to ...
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  • Allow WMI through Windows Server 2003 R2 Firewall

    I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone else got this working. I need to allow WMI on Windows Server 2003 R2 with the firewall on but don’t want to open all the ports. If anyone got this working ...
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  • How to insert the status icon for interfaces into SWQL resource

    We are currently using a node status SWQL query that gives us the small- GroupStatus icon, i.e. small-up.gif, but we are at a loss as how to get the status icon to show for interfaces. We are not seeing something as n...
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  • How to uncheck by default "Show in Linked Problem"

    If you link an Incident to a Problem and then add a Tech Note - that tech note to the Incident that note can be added to the Problem as well.  By default this box is checked.   For us we want to keep th...
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  • "Uploading 1 files to https://api.solarwinds.com/swip/"

    I recently had Support assisting with some issues, and I noticed this in one of the logs.  I am curious as to what is going on here, and why...   2015-02-27 01:10:12,996 [Scheduler] DEBUG SolarWinds.OrionIm...
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  • What tools do you use to monitor and troubleshoot your virtual machines (VMs)?

    What tools do you currently use to monitor and troubleshoot your VMs? [Survey]   A single question survey. Avg time to complete the survey is 12 seconds. Thank you.
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  • Group Availability Question

    Ok, so recently ive been exploring groups as to provide better coverage in our daily reports sent out to managers. I have a group set up with multiple nodes and the group continuously reports at 100% available. I have...
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  • Transaction Log Filling up drive

    I have been having issues with transaction logs grows and  filling up my drive, this began around the time of upgrading to NPM 11.5 and SAM 6.2. We also integrated the SRM module at the same time. So it could be ...
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  • Extended event errors

    DPA is causing issues on my clustered MS SQL DB production server. Is there a way to tell what monitors are using extended events? This is a MS SQL 2008 instance. Info from the technician:   I see “dbghelp...
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  • AppStack and Volume Critical

    Okay, so we are on the latest and greatest of everything. We have NPM, SAM, NTA, IPAM, and WPM. In the Appstack Environment view, I have volumes that are showing up as red (critical) but aren't. See image. When going ...
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  • Using Windows Event Log Monitor on Deep Logs

    Okay all you SAM Geeks.  I have an issue that I have not been able to overcome so I need your vast knowledge.  I'm trying to set up a Windows Event Log monitor to monitor the deep TaskScheduler log.  To...
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  • 乘古

    工作经历  计算机网络工程CEO美国哈佛大学 2014 年 10 月 – 现在 (6 个月)全球 经济和金融 信息、技术和设计 计算机科学:人工智能 社会科学
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  • Trigger condition not working

    Hi guys, I still cannot get this right. I am trying to set this particular alert to ignore all nodes with particular names (circled below), but I am still getting alerts for the nodes. I assume it is how they are inde...
    renegadenomad x
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  • Heat Map Contest

    Heat Map Contest
    John Handberg
    created by John Handberg
  • "Active Diagnostics" tool and "Verify installation files" mismatches

    I know this might be a better question to ask support but....can't hurt to ask here first   I just completed some upgrades to get to NPM 11.x from 10x, and IPAM from 4.1 -> 4.3.  my current install is: ...
    created by tigger2
  • Devices offline after server migration

      I moved a licensed installation of IPMonitor 10 from a Microsoft 2003 to a Microsoft 2012 server. All devices are visible in the new installation but most of the devices are offline. When I do a rescan on a of...
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  • Heat Map

    Tony Vispetto
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  • Wireless Heat Map

    Wireless Heat Map issue not show Clients Count and not show location user on Wireless Heat Map. Click AP name Fl12-AP09(RFID-Zone) i see Clients Count . software problem ?
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