• Study Guides

    What have certified individuals found to be helpful in studying for the certification tests?  Obviously, the product documentation but anything outside of that?  Possibly video training as well, sample tests...
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  • Memory usage reporting incorrectly on CISCO ISR 4331

    Does NPM have a problem with this IOS?   Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 03.15.00.S - Standard Support Release Cisco IOS Software, ISR Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.5(2)S, RELEASE SOFTWA...
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  • Is it possible to get some kind of notification when Database maintenance is completed?

    Hi All,   I was just thinking if there is any way to get a notification when the DB maintenance task gets completed in Orion. It would be good to know and keep a track.
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  • Home Screen customization on user account based

    Hi All,   Is there any user account based home screen customization in SAM. Some of the user account not needed entire summary screen but for admin account needed all the summary. Is there any such options.
    mahindra varma
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  • SAM alerting trigger time

    I am having  SAM Orion sever set-up in US (EST) and motoring and managing from India (IST). using the web interface i configured the alert to run at 3.15 and 4.15 (EST) but these are  running exactly at IST ...
    mahindra varma
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  • Linux node reboot mail alert configuration in SAM 6.2

    Hi,   Can any one help in configure email alert to trigger when linux or windows node restart. I tried with modifying default node reboot template but not luck used alert when : all nodes must be satisfied and l...
    mahindra varma
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  • newbie with less than 30 PCs, no server

    1.  retired, volunteer at a 501c3 that has less than 30 PCs with two buildings next to each other (one is two stories, the other is one story). 2.  a comcast business gateway in each building. 3.  in ...
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  • Advice on monitoring clusters, nodes, and their failovers

    I'm not really a systems guy and really have no clue on how to do monitoring for clusters, nodes and failovers. I read a few things but I have trouble understanding it.   Has anyone successfully monitored a c...
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  • Alert if a file exists for more than 5 minutes

    I need to be able to watch a network share to see if any files exist for more than 5 minutes. If a file with an extension of dng or xml exists in the folder for more than 5 minutes this would trigger an alert. The gro...
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  • Alert on Uplink interfaces only while monitoring all other ports on the device

    Hello Everyone,   I have been asked to monitor all the ports on the device but only do alerts on the up-link interfaces. I haven't been using Solarwinds very long so I am trying to work through the process. The...
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  • Log file filling up

    One of my Logs folders, specifically C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Logs\Hardwarehealth, has over 6 GB of files in it.  Some of them date back 3 months by Last Modified Date.  Can I delete all or some of these wi...
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  • Create report based on switch config

    So I have figured out how to create a compliance report that searches network configs for specific strings and then it reports on whether the string was found or not.  If I drill into the detail on a specific res...
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  • Email me when node goes down

    I have a customer who signs on to Solarwinds to monitor his nodes. If his node goes down I want to email the customer.  Do I do this with alerts, if so how? Or is there some other way this is done.
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  • Converting Total Available Memory Value to Percentage

    Long time reader, first time poster!!   We are trying to edit our "Total Available Memory (MB)" component in "Windows Server 2003-2012 Services and Counters" template to convert the value from MB to a percentage...
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  • Does Solar Winds have the ablity to track SQL CaL usage?

    I am looking to see if my solar wind product can track my SQL client license usage
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  • Repeating Email alerts after acknowledgement

    I have setup a down node alert.  The trigger action has send an email alert.  Under Execution settings I have enabled "Repeat this action every X minutes until the alert is acknowledged".  The issue is ...
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  • How to find SQL for DPA alerts

    Is there a way to view the queries DPA uses for alert checks?  Specifically I am looking for the SQL it uses for the "Oracle Stale Statistics" alert.   When I check the dba_tab_statistics view in my databas...
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  • Virtual Machines in italics/Already being managed by NPM

    Follow me with this scenario.   You have a bunch of VM's that you added manually to NPM.  Later on you decide you want to monitor the ESX hosts, clusters etc that they reside on... so you add them.  ...
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  • Bugs in SAM 6.3 Beta

    Anyone else get a blank page if they navigate to anything under the Environment tab besides AppStack?  Also the color schemes don't seem to take effect.  The blue/white/gray is kind of drab.  Also, it w...
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  • Orion Server with 5 Network adapter (gave Node is Down But it is UP in FACT)

    Dear Team,   I have a server with 5 Network adapter with different static IP different Subnet as the following:   10.6.13.** (default  Gateway) 10.6.23.** 192.168.50.** 192.168.30.** 192.168.31.**...
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