• NPM Network Topology unknown interfaces

    Hello,      We are moving to Solarwinds NPM from another vendor and installing trial version to test how it's going with our Juniper based network. All thing are good but discovered something wro...
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  • Patch Manager Evaluation

    I have installed the Patch Manger Evaluation version recently. It appeared to be working fine. Today I get this error: Error when executing task: Unable to get data NO other details.   Is it possible that the ...
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  • Sonicwall NetFlow to NTA is waaaay off

    I recently configured our Sonicwall NSA4500 (5.8.1) appliance to export Netflow v9 to NTA 4.1.0 on its wan port. NTA now sees data coming in, but it appears to be completely wrong. For example, I can see the wan inter...
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  • Flow Storage Database

    Can you clear up the news about the new flow storage database in NTA v4.0?    Only the 64 bit NTA uses the new database?  The 32 bit NTA still uses MS SQL?  Will future versions stop using MS SQL...
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  • Interfaces not showing in "list resources"

    Hi.   i'm trying to add a Dell Sonicwall FW, but the problem is when i get to the part to choose wich resources to monitor, i cannot get any interface.   Like this:   I don't have any problems with...
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  • deleting ghost interfaces in NPM 11.5

    After deleting them in NPM 11.5 they are still there. Last time I did it in NPM 11, they obediently vanished. Anything I am doing wrong? (Just upgraded to 11.5 a few days ago and suspect this may be related.) Ori...
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  • SQL Best Practices for new installations

    Hello all,   We are about to implement a variety of different apps from Solar Winds and are wondering the best practice for installing SQL.   The apps we will be loading are: NTA NPM NTM NCM IPAM UDT...
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  • webhelpdesk in carbon copy

    We have users who keep placing WHD in the CC filed in emails to a group.  This creates new tickets every time one of them replies to all.  Is there a way to filter or manage these easily? I thought of separ...
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  • Spread the Word - Kiwi CatTools

    What was life like before using SolarWinds? (Include what you were using and why you decided it was time for a change)   It was a time arduous task of copying and pasting a devices configuration on a weekly basi...
    created by Dave_Williams
  • SAM agent - NAT to NAT?

    Hello,   I'm trying to do server-initiated communication for agent installs. The thing is, we're talking about going from one NAT to another. So Orion server -> NAT -> external IP -> external 2nd IP -&g...
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  • Troubleshooting NCM config change templates

    Is there a handy way to debug NCM configuration change templates?  I have a script that validates and runs without error, but doesn't produce the expected output.  I'd really like something that would let me...
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  • Add subsequent nodes without full rescan (NTM)

    Is there a way to add nodes ad-hoc to a map after the initial scan without rescanning the entire network?   I performed my initial scan on our hybrid Cisco / Brocade network. I had to manually create 98% of the ...
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  • Report on alerts triggered with specific name

    We created a set of alerts that all have names that begin with "SMS". This lets us know that the alert action is to send an email via the SMTP->SMS gateway. I essentially need the stats or list of all alerts named ...
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  • Adding single nodes to previously scanned networks.

      Hi guys,   So one of the things with NTM that I was having an issue with was adding single nodes to large maps without scanning the entire network. I looked around but either there wasn't an answer po...
  • VMAN snapshot owners?

    Does anyone know if VMAN is able to pull information on who created a snapshot?  I realize this is an audited event, but can't find within VMAN right now.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Not sure, bu...
    created by alexander937
  • MRC v11: Unable to log in to console, Internal server error.

    I'm unable to launch my DMRC console, I can't get past the login. I get an "Internal server error." message. However, I'm able to get into the Dameware Server Administration Console without a hitch.   I've resta...
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  • How to run a perl script on the local solarwinds server?

    I have installed cygwin perl on our primary orion server. I want to assign application component monitors to run scripts in perl. My hope is to be able to convert these over from a linux server. Im running these scrip...
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  • Does DPA blockers view show ALL blockers or just the ones that block for at least 1s ?

    Hi,   Does DPA blockers view show ALL blockers or just the ones that block for at least 1s ? I have application logs that lead me to believe there must be some blocking going on but I don't see that in the block...
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  • AppInsight for Exchange and WinRM issue: The SSL connection cannot be established

    I'm running SAM 6.1.1 and I'm having issues configuring a AppInsight for Exchange on a single Exchange server (Exchange 2012 on Windows 2008 R2).  Getting other Exchange servers set up have worked fine, mostly . ...
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  • Deploying network sensor for QoE

    Hello, I am trying to deploy a network sensor and am having an issue with it not collecting any data. I built a 2008 R2 64Bit server with 2 NICs for deploying the network sensor too. One NIC is connected to my LAN for...
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