• What is the root cause of intermittent sluggishness, especially when viewing node details in the Web Interface?

    Version:   Question: What is the root cause of intermittent sluggishness, especially when viewing node details in the Web Interface?   Issue: During some operations the web console slows down and in so...
    created by david.speer
  • Customize Report

    I would like to create a report with the following fields Called Party Number, Call Status, Calling Party Number, Call Origin Date Time, Date Call Disconnect Time. The report would have the fields of the screenshot, b...
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  • Possible to send/receive email from SAM

    I was just asked if it was possible to have Orion SAM (or some script) send an email out and receive it back and develop an event or alert based on returned data.   I am looking into some of the templates but I ...
    created by sotherls
  • Dell ESX Server Hardware Monitoring

    I notice that I can see hardware details and the status of hardware failures on some ESX 5.5 nodes but it doesn't look like OMSA is installed as there is no hardware and heath sensors resource option on the nodes list...
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  • Terrible support, terrible product.

    I'm sure this post will be deleted long before it influences any potential customers. Too bad. For the lucky few who read this as you consider a purchase of Solarwinds products, you are hereby warned. Imagine a suppo...
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  • "Invalid Node" error on DiscoverInterfacesOnNode

    Hi, I want to invoke "DiscoverInterfaceOnNode" method. I get "InvalidNode" error. There is a node having "3" NodeID. When appears that error? When not exist or not having ant interfaces etc.? Briefly, what is the re...
    last modified by juniordev
  • Adding DetailsURL to web-based SQL report

    I am having a bit of a hard time with the DetailsURL variable on web-based reports.  When I add it to my SQL script, I got Invalid Query error message. I already checked Thwack and the Orion online help and docum...
    last modified by mr.e
  • NCM Config Archive Folder Locations / Network Share Settings

    Good morning y'all!   I've been making some configuration settings in our NCM installed recently and i was wondering if a Network Drive can be setted to store our downloaded configs/backups. I understand that th...
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  • Memory Leak - Version 12.1.0

    Hey all,   Just wondering if anyone is having Memory Leak issues with their WHD? From searching the forums it seems this was an issue in version 11 but was fixed with a version 11 incremental update, however we ...
    last modified by prak
  • Windows 2012 error for Kiwi Manager

    Has anyone else ever run into this issue?    I'm receiving the following error whenever I try to open the Kiwi Syslog Manager (Console).   Faulting application name: Syslogd_Manager.exe, version: 9.4...
    created by deiberts
  • AppInsight for IIS: ASP.NET Requests Unknown State

    Windows 2008 R2 server with IIS 7.5 running. AppInsight for IIS applied to the node all the components under ASP.NET Requests are in an Unknown state, all 4 say Performance counter not found. HResult: The specified ob...
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  • Powershell Script Monitor not working

    Hello everyone! Really need some help trying to get this monitor off the ground. We have a Windows Server 2008 Cluster and I'm trying to get the current owner of a resource. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything in ...
    last modified by egas
  • Remove stale/obsolete volumes and applications from SAM?

    We were running low on available monitored volumes, so I started attempting a cleanup to get rid of some of the stuff that we don't care about that snuck in through laziness or inattention when setting up nodes in the...
    last modified by jaybone
  • Stale Interfaces - Even After Re-Poll and Re-Discover

    This issue is discussed in the link below, but no real solution is given. NPM 10.1.1 does not refresh stale objects, in my case, interfaces. Here is what happened: I clicked "List Resources" under the Node Details r...
    last modified by Bain_606
  • Script to search and replace a string on a config

    Hi, I am trying to find a script to search for a string (in my case an ip) on all the device configs and replace it. The reason I am trying to do this is for example consider a server ip is natted on different router...
    created by dc-netengg
  • Universal Device Poller - Issue polling parent OID's - custom pollers

    Hi All,   I'm fairly new to SolarWinds and currently I'm working to add some custom pollers to certain servers on our network.   We have a custom bit of data that has been generated by a script that is acc...
    last modified by c_re
  • SolarWinds Active Diagnostics

    Hello,   Yesterday while a team member and  I were testing out on my Virtual Machine (Windows Server 2012 R2) we could not find the SolarWind Active Diagnostics folder. I am very certain I didn't delete the...
    last modified by samwebb
  • report on interfaces with netflow enabled

    Does anyone have a report that would show me what interfaces have been added to netflow over the past 30 days?  I have a report that shows nodes added in the past 30 days, but it would be nice to see the same for...
    last modified by forks
  • SolarWinds and Cisco C800

    Hi All,   Got a bunch of Cisco C800's which does not show any hardware status. it's coming up as 'undefined'.   Is there anything special I have to do on SolarWinds, or even on the Cisco boxes, to collect ...
    created by arani
  • Unknown Orion user admin (SWIS Error)

    Hi, We work on SWIS to create containers, nodes etc. Sometimes we get an error like 'Unknown Orion user admin' or 'Unknown Orion user <username>'. Why get this error?
    created by juniordev