• Lets choose a picture for the group photo on User polls

    This is the image currently in use for this group "User Polls". I think it's past time we found something that solarwinds can use better than "image coming soon!" Lets Give Them One!!   So please vote below, o...
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  • Would you watch a SolarWinds reality TV show?

    Before you answer, consider the reality shows out there already: Duck Dynasty Honey Boo-Boo Storage Wars Swamp People Ice Road Truckers Finding Bigfoot Ax Men After interacting with all of my co-workers and pr...
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  • Most Commonly Used Wireless Access Point Systems

    Noticed that only Cisco is supported for Wireless Heat Mapping. Would like to see what others are using for Wireless access. Maybe this can help direct which products should be integrated first.
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  • Spanning tree topology map

    Open for Voting
    106 votes
    Spanning tree, as we know, is an extremely useful function of a network. However, equally so, in the hands of an inexperience engineer, or with someone adding network devices or 802.1q capable network cards to the net...
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  • Favorite Product

    What is your favorite SolarWinds product? If other, please specify in comments.
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  • How can you tell you need to cut down on eating pizza?

    Eating right is the latest thing going and there are many options out there. Some switch to organic fruits, vegetables and even eggs.  Others become Vegans, while others decide to become Vegetarians.  Yet, h...
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  • What is your Specialty?

    I found that the majority of the people I meet who use SolarWinds products (in General) are in Networking. So I wanted to know, what is your Specialty? If it's "Other" please comment on what you do
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  • AppInsight for SQL statistics collection delayed

    Hi Everyone,   I've recently added approx. 30 additional nodes to Orion and assigned the AppInsight for SQL template to each of them. I've recently noticed that there is a delay in the statistics collection for ...
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  • Orion Polling - SNMP vs WMI

    Which polling method are you using to poll Windows Servers?  Please leave comments on size of environment, number of pollers, number of servers being polled and types of windows servers (2003 / 2008 / 2012, etc)....
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  • VM Availability report

    Dear All, may i have your suggestion on creating VM availability report with uptime and downtime in sum of 'day:hours:minutes' format instead of 'percentage' format please. Thank you in advance.
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  • Which of these SAM application management resources do you like better?

    Question: Do you prefer the Application Management resource with divisions, without, or not at all?   Background: I was sick of jumping from a node details page over to SAM Settings to simply add a monitor or co...
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  • Best Guitar Intro Riff

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  • Keeping Your Secrets Secret

    MONDAY, 11:32PM RADIUS is down and now you can’t log into the core routers. That’s a shame because you’re pretty sure that you know what the problem is, and if you could log in, you could fix it....
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  • Ability to change Tech Group within a Ticket

    Open for Voting
    10 votes
    Tech Group is tied to the Request Type. Would like the ability to have a pick list of Tech Groups to change the Tech Group without changing the Request Type.
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  • Availability of modifying Tech Group

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    Hi   Was thinking if the below option can be made available to make changes to     With current setup if a ticket gets moved from one Technical group to Technician in another group, it doesnt allow ...
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  • How many years experience did you have before you become a 'monitoring engineer'?

    Our team was discussing what it took to be a monitoring engineer.  I don't mean a user of Solarwinds products but someone who actively designs, implements and manages a monitoring environment.  I'm especiall...
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  • What is your favorite Coffee place?

    Its after lunch, you just ate an enormous but amazing bacon wrapped-steak for lunch (or whatever you like to eat ). You sit down at your desk and suddenly start to feel sleepy but your boss just slapped down a massive...
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  • Average SNMP values from  different nodes

    Hello,   I have several nodes polling temperature sensors in our datacenter. Then I have mapped those temp sensor values to a map to display on the main page of Orion.   What I would like to do next is cr...
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - August 2015

    Coming off of SolarWinds' annual virtual learning event, thwackCamp 2015 provided thousands of attendees with several deep-dive, best practice and how-to sessions on a number of topics regarding SolarWinds products an...
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  • DPA load on server

    We recently purchased DPA and have it pointed at several SQL Servers.  On some servers it is responsible for up to 30% (or more) of our waits.  One sql statement in particular, [tempdb].[dbo].[RG_WhatsChan...
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