• thwack Store Items & FAQ - Updated March 25, 2015

    It is with pleasure to finally announce the first-ever, point-based store on thwack!  We're very excited to be able to give back to all of you who've helped us along the way with your feedback and work with the S...
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  • Managing SolarWinds DB size

    Hi ,   I am trying to manage the database size of my SolarWinds installation. I need some advice on how best to do it.   Obviously the syslog table and the table for netflow needs managing.   I am lo...
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  • FISMA / NIST 800-53 Compliance with SolarWinds Products

    As a part of helping untangle compliance initiatives, a popular request on the federal side is FISMA (Federal Information Systems Management Act) Compliance. In this post, I'll outline what FISMA compliance is, we'll ...
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  • Thwack IRC Room

    I searched and found only 1 post in regards to starting a Thwack IRC room, and that post was from 2009. I reckon the post either fell through the cracks, or was simply an unpopular idea.   I use IRC on a daily ...
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  • Monitor HP 4120 IP Phone

    I have been trying to monitor our HP 4120 in Solarwinds and no luck. beside using ICMP to the IP of the phone they will not respond to any SNMP. HP passed me around the Support ring with no help on an OID for the devi...
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  • Let`s Prepare SCP Exam (Easily)

    For novice it will be a bit difficult. but if you put yourself to think like a troubleshooter & having Basic knowledge in R&S Or SNMP Like Protocols behavior, Port nos.& Log/Events. This certificate exam w...
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  • What's the worst thing you can say to a SysAdmin?

    SysAdmins are people too. The problem is the end-users of the world don’t know when they have touched a nerve when speaking with you. Vote for what you think is the worst thing to say to a SysAdmin. Then, feel f...
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  • What We're Working on for NPM

    Since the release on NPM 11.5 we've been hard at working building the next round of exciting functionality and improvements in existing functionality.  I'm excited to share the following list of items we're worki...
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  • Solarwinds Authentication with Common DoD Smart card and Common Access Card CAC Product Support

    SolarWinds Current support documentation for Smart Cards: As of 25 June 2015 Due to increased security of Federal sites, Smart Card are now a requirement on all websites. This is also referred to as PIV, PKI, CAC...
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  • Who is your favorite Batman villain?

    Post reasoning in the comments section.
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  • How is your work celebrating SysAdmin Day?

    I was baffled when I came into work today and noticed no doughnuts or coffee waiting for me at my desk today! Apparently people don't know about SysAdmin day! (although to be honest, I wouldn't have known if I weren't...
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  • Add a new column for Offline patch update

    Open for Voting
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    if we can have a new feature for offline patch update it will be grate.
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  • solarwinds-nwv.png

    Network troubleshooting view
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  • Add VOIP Call log details in NTA traffic

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    it will be lovely to know if we can add VOIP call log details.
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  • Button to go to the last page of a post

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    Currently if a post goes beyond X number of pages (might be 3) you have to jump pages to get to the last page. It would be nice to have a button to be able to go from the first page of a post to the last page. It is e...
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  • Kiwi CatTools

        What was life like before using SolarWinds? (Include what you were using and why you decided it was time for a change)     After using Kiwi CatTools our network is properly managed. &...
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  • SysAdmin Horror Stories

    *Cue wolf howling in the background   We’ve all heard spooky tales of hardware stored in rooms where the temperature was up to 140 degrees, servers drowning because someone left the window open during a ra...
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  • Show us your "SysAdmin Lair"

    We know that the key to every super SysAdmin's success is their IT lair.  Post a picture of your server room or work space to help us celebrate SysAdmin Day and complete this activity for the July mission for 150...
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  • solarwinds-nwv.png

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  • GNS3 sample network

    There are some folks who can throw together a couple dozen routers, a few firewalls, and a load balancer or two; and connect them together with a combination of MPLS, T1s, OSPF, BGP, and bubblegum.   And then th...
    Leon Adato
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