• Contest , Rewards and Competitions for International Users

    There is nothing related to contests , rewards and competitions for countries such as INDIA.   Is there any plans to provide these ?
    created by gumberamit
  • WMI Domain Admin / Domain User

    We have recently undertaken an external PEN test to see how we are exposed to the outside world.   Turns out that the current installation on UDT/IPAM uses Domain Admin credentials for authentication and discove...
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  • F5 BIG-IP versions in use

    What verson of BIG-IP your F5s run?
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  • Remove uninstall files for superseded patches

    Anyone know if there is a way to only remove the uninstall files for patches that have a superseding patch installed within Patch Manager leaving behind the latest patches uninstall files?   I take it the task w...
    created by UKTonyK
  • Copy/Duplicate SAM components within Assigned template

    Open for Voting
    12 votes
    It would be good if we can copy the components within the Assigned application monitors, instead of opening the assigned components in a new window copy them to templates
    last modified by chetz
  • Migrating Patch Manager

    We are migrating our Patch manager setup onto a new server which will host it using HYPER-V.  I cant seem to find much information on extracting configurations etc. from the Patch manager.  Can someone point...
    last modified by jhungerford8887
  • OS Supportability in Log and Event Manager

    As we continue to grow Solarwinds Log and Event Manager, we want to ensure we are on the latest code to alleviate any potential security vulnerabilities that may pop-up from time to time in 3rd party code. While at th...
    Capt. Obvious
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - October 2015

    This month we’re counting on you, the guardians of security.  Each day we'll release a new question focusing on SolarWinds SIEM: Log & Event Manager and it's your job to get out there and take down all ...
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  • Orion backup

    Hi all I have NPM,SAM,NTA,VNQM,NCM,SRM,LEM installed and most of them are licenced. all these modules uses an SQL server installed on a separate box except LEM and SRM:profiler module. I believe LEM uses the local st...
  • "Automatically execute this script when violation is found"  Compliance Check dont work

    Hi, how can I use the feature to automatically execute some lines for a compliance violation in NCM 7.4 ? For example I have a missconfigured vlan id in my interface. The check will alert me. That works for me. Then...
    last modified by otto
  • update top discards and errors view

    Open for Voting
    20 votes
    could the "top discards and errors" view please be updated to also include a total packets column or total percentage.   while it is a good to see what's happening or when something has high errors or discards, ...
    last modified by andrew_watson
  • Display 3750 Stack member report on node summary page?

    I created a report based off of the built-in "Cisco 3750 Stack - Physical Entity" report with only the fields we prefer to see.  I'm trying to get that report to display information on the Node Summary page and o...
    last modified by jacob.decker
  • IPAM - Use Additional Pollers for IP Scanning?

    Is there a way to leverage Additional Pollers for IP scanning?  Many of our IP's are in a DMZ where we have also located one of our additional pollers for monitoring.  Is there a way to leverage IPAM to can ...
    last modified by byrona
  • rebuild Orion engine from scratch with HTML5 core functionality

    Open for Voting
    109 votes
    the current Orion engine is dated and lacks capability that other vendors have already released. products that sit atop Orion are affected   for example , in NPM one can go down sub-menus on nodes to drill into ...
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  • Alert Central Office Hours - Like it? Love it?

    Let us know what you thought about the Alert Central Office Hours chat.
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  • Who's using Amazon Web Services?

    The SolarWinds product team is looking ahead.  We want to talk to thwack users who are actively using Amazon Web Services.  Which of the following best describes your organization?   Denny
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  • Appinsight for SQL

    I have been having issues with Appinsight for SQL displaying a down status on one of my databases (all other databases are fine) on my monitored SQL server. The error on all downed components is "Performance counter ...
    last modified by christopher.t.jones123
  • Table of third party patches - updated 10/05/2015

    Simplify and automate these patches and more with SolarWinds Patch Manager. Check out the attached spreadsheet for recent patches. The Patch Manager catalog contains the following products:   Adobe Acrobat v9 ...
    last modified by pjaganat
  • What interfaces to manage in NPM on Windows VMs?

    When discovering Windows virtual machines on VMWare, there is a huge list of interfaces, for example...   I'm thinking of "unclicking" all interfaces except the Software Loopback and vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapters....
    last modified by jbrunke
  • Custom property: Object type VMware datastore

    Hi team,   Please advise.   We're trying to custom some alert regarding VMWARE datastore, but upon checking on custom property object type (drop-list), there is no available data for that, can you please h...
    last modified by nicegirl