• Emulate Account

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    I realize that this request applies more to Orion Core than specifically to SAM; however, I thought it would get good visibility here.   I would like for Orion Administrators to be able to click on an account an...
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  • Multiple AD DNS servers without duplicate zones

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    Default behavior when I add a second AD-integrated DNS server is that I get a second copy of every zone.  While only one is needed for day-to-day management, I would like to add more DNS servers for redundancy, b...
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  • Understanding Errors and Discards

    I was working with a customer the other day and we were analyzing some of the data that Orion NPM is collecting from his core routers. On some of his gigabit interfaces we noticed that every few hours we got a couple ...
    Josh Stephens
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  • FBI Warns Healthcare on security risk: SolarWinds offers

    In a private notice to healthcare providers, the FBI has issued a warning that the United States healthcare industry is not as resilient to cyber intrusions compared to the financial and retail sectors, therefore the ...
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  • How to Clean Up Your Firewall Rule Base

    Before we discuss the “how” aspect of cleaning up the firewall rule base, let’s understand the “why” which scoped out the need to perform clean-up. Firewall Performance Impact: The firew...
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  • Impact of APM Across your IT Landscape

    Application performance monitoring (APM) is a broad subject which tends to look at how businesses are using enterprise level applications. These applications can help solve end-user requirements and continuously maint...
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  • Stored Procedure to Update Fields

    I am looking for a stored procedure in SQL server that I can use to maintain my data in the IPAM and SAM database for certain fields.  Specifically, we added 2 custom fields, AD_Site and Site_Code to IPAM and I w...
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  • Too Many Tools

    I'll make an assumption: if you're a Thwack user and you're reading this post, you've got an interest in systems and applications monitoring. Or maybe you just really want those points. Or that Jambox. Whatever's cool...
    michael stump
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  • Please allow us to change the default start day in web based report builder for "Last Week" from Sunday to Monday.

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    I would like to be able change the default start day when using "Last Week" in the web based report builder.  Currently there is no way to change the default start day from 'Sunday' to 'Monday' for "Last Week". &...
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  • Solarwinds Database over 80% full

    Hi All,   As the title suggests, my installation of NPM is complaining that it is over 80% full.. I saw some older documentations on how to fix this, I ran the truncate commands on my database tables but that do...
    created by borongas
  • NTM - Why are Multiple Devices mapping to a MITEL IP Phone?

    My NTM map is showing several devices as being connected to a Mitel IP phone (as if it were a switch). We typically do use the pass thru port on the phone for connecting a PC/Laptop Any ideas would be appreciated
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  • Is it possible to get a proxy device's proxy address by querying the Orion.Nodes table?

    As far as I can tell, the answer appears to be no. I guess the real question is, which table(s) can I query to get the actual proxy address of a given proxy device?   Thanks!
    created by scottfraley

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    Dear Support Team,   It would be great to be able to use existing "MAPI / EWS (Exchange Web ServiceS) E-Mail Round Trip monitors" to monitor a mailbox that is located in the Office365 cloud. This request follow...
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  • SDK Monitor Volumes

    Hello,   I have a powershell script where I add an Orion node and assign application templates to the node.  The missing piece of the puzzle would be to add monitoring for all disks.  Does anyone have ...
    created by mr_future
  • Performance Management in Virtual Environments

    Performance forms the basis of measurement of any system, process, or solution that is performing an action. How good the performance of the system is tells us how effective and beneficial it is in meeting its intende...
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  • What do you think of Daylight Savings Time?

    Every six months or so, there are discussions all over about whether or not to keep Daylight Savings Time (aka DST) abound. The feeling seems stronger in the Spring, when we have to push our clocks one hour forward --...
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  • Device Backups

    When do you use NCM to backup router/switch configurations
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  • Alert Central Roadmap & What We're Working On

    Alert Central Releases  Alert Central may be a free product, but we're committed to delivering regular updates and features. Our philosophy is to take your feedback in the form of forum posts and feature request...
    nicole pauls
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  • Best WAN Optimization

    Which company offers the best WAN optimization technology?
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  • How do you monitor Office 365?

    I have searched the blogs and saw older posts, but is there updated methods other than using the user experience monitors for monitoring Office 365?
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