• Set Poll Interval on Node

    Hi, Can we set poll interval value on any node via SWIS? I try to Update method but I got an error like this, "Operation not implemented for entities mapped to multiple storages. PollInterval: 300"
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  • What Makes Us Go To Such Extremes?

    I’ve really enjoyed watching (and re-watching, a few times) this video SolarWinds made in honor of SysAdmin day (SysAdmin Day Extreme). What appeals to me – besides the goofy sound effects and scenarios (S...
    Leon Adato
    created by Leon Adato
  • SSID usage reporting on Cisco WLAN controller.

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    Solarwind NTA 4.1 does not support SSID usage.   I have requested this feature about a year ago, when I opened a ticket with a NTA support team, we use Cisco WLAN controllers and we cannot generate report on SSI...
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  • Couchbase

    Hi   Has anyone been able to get stats out of a Couchbase Cluster into Solarwinds SAM? We have a Couchbase cluster with 4 servers in it, I would like to some how see if all the servers are in the cluster and if...
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  • SolarWinds SMTP Setup

    Hi All,   Having an issue with the SMTP settings on Orion.   When an email is being sent out from Orion, the domain is set to "@solarwinds.com"   My work SMTP servers will only accept domain name as ...
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - July 2015: Happy SysAdmin Day!

    SysAdmin Day is coming up, but we think you deserve more than one day of recognition. That’s why we’re commemorating the occasion for a full month. After you’ve marched in the parade, posed for a sta...
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  • Virtualization Manager Report

    Is it possible to automate graphical report in VMAN
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  • SWQL and IPaddressGUID

    Hi,   I'm trying to use the IPaddressGUID as a variable in a web based Custom Query (SWQL) in Orion NPM (10.7)   SELECT n.MachineType ,  '/Netperfmon/Images/Vendors/' + n.vendoricon as [_IconFor_Machi...
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  • The Perils of High Speed Logging

      Like many of you, I suspect, I am firmly under the thumb of my corporate security group. When they want to know what’s going on on the network I’ll put in as many taps as they want; but sometimes t...
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  • Application Pool monitoring

    Hello,   Is it possible to monitor each application pool in IIS?  I currently just use the IIS template but we have a need to monitor the application pool itself for the status of it.  Is there a monit...
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - August 2015

    Coming off of SolarWinds' annual virtual learning event, thwackCamp 2015 provided thousands of attendees with several deep-dive, best practice and how-to sessions on a number of topics regarding SolarWinds products an...
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  • Wait...how come I'm not being moderated anymore?

    We finally did it! We built our own spam filter plug-in since we were having so many challenges with the existing spam filters, and we released it just last week! Being the geek that I am, this new plug-in has made me...
    created by mrs.alterego
  • How to create a daily ticket report in WHD

    We are moving to production use of WHD next week.  One item I am looking for help with is how to create a report that can be scheduled on a daily basis.  This report would list tickets open for the previous ...
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  • How is your work celebrating SysAdmin Day?

    I was baffled when I came into work today and noticed no doughnuts or coffee waiting for me at my desk today! Apparently people don't know about SysAdmin day! (although to be honest, I wouldn't have known if I weren't...
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  • What industry do you work in (for WHD users only)?

    Please answer only if you own Web Help Desk.
    Peter Krutý
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  • Create datastore alarm based on free space, not percentage

    Hello, I am looking to alarm on a datastore when it reaches a certain free GB, say, 10 GB free.  All of my datastores are different sizes, so percentage free doesn't really work. I found the datastore.freespac...
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  • Company Custom Field

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    To add additional custom field in Company's information to identify members companies with unique number & the type of priority, we think it would be a good Idea to have additional field that can be used for such ...
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  • Writing a report for every 2 weeks continuous and deleting reports.

    Hi,   I have been asked to set up a report to be scheduled for every 2 weeks. Using the Report Scheduler on the Frequency tab the only way I can see this is to put in specific date(s) every 2 weeks which is a lo...
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  • 2 Step Approval Process

    I have a situation whereby a ticket request for a new user requires a 2 step approval process. I have setup 2 separate Change Advisory Boards (CAB's) and then created an Approval Process with the 2 Cab's included (Ste...
    created by prak
  • Does NTA 4.0.1 supported nexus 3000?

    Does NTA 4.0.1 supported nexus 3000? how to enable netflow/sflow for this device? thanks
    created by joapple