• Multi-server Architecture

    Hello, I have been using several of the solorwinds products for years, however, I've never had multiple servers (separating NPM/NCM/SAM...etc). My current setup is a single server with NPM, NCM, SAM, IPAM, VNMQ, but w...
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  • Ability to disable Capacity thresholds on demand

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    There are some entities like SANs or LUNs that are provisioned at 100% of their capacity that it is as intended, but SRM generates warning for them due to thresholds. There is no way how to disable it, so what about t...
    Lubomir Krausko
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  • Edit Components of an AppInsight template in Bulk

    I am using SAM in NPM and I want to adjust the settings of all the Components in the AppInsight template for SQL Server. Basically, it is overly sensitive and I want to change the Warning and Critical settings to be f...
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  • For those who "Don't Have BYOD"

    I see lots of people on here who "Dont have BYOD" and to me that sounds ridiculous. Take a moment to answer my survey please!   The way I see it, unless you are using option 1 (every security measure I could thi...
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  • What emotional response do irreverent, humorous, or otherwise non-work-related response to irreverent, humorous, or otherwise non-work-related polls provoke in you?

    In honor of rharland2012's poll What emotional response do irreverent, humorous, or otherwise non-work-related polls provoke in you?   Choose wisely...
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  • Favourite Hardwood Floor Color for Home?

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  • Where should AppInsight go next?

    With the second installment of AppInsight (Exchange)  wrapping up and preparing for release, where should SolarWinds focus for the next one?
    VM Solutions
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  • It exist a Solarwinds Product to monitoring Telepresence servers?

    I like to monitor a few Polycom and Cisco Telepresence Servers, I know that I could monitor any snmp value through an UnDP but, I'm wondering if exist a SW product to monitor specifically Telepresence Servers?
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  • A name for users of Thwack

    This is version 2.0 of the poll.  Using the top two from the other poll and a new contender.
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  • Who pays for your training?

    Hopefully we all get some training... but who pays? If your employer pays, do you have to front the money and get reimbursed? Are there any caveats to your covered training?
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  • Does your montoring system have any easter eggs/humor?

    "Accidental" emoticons in texts that appear in just the right place... Very important, but sometimes omitted data "<blank> ALERT. <blank> system: <blank>. " Devices with old odd names that people h...
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  • How Many Screens does your NOC have?

    These days wall space is a premium, and so is keeping your budget. I always enjoyed watching certain government IT groups come out of their cave at the end of the fiscal year to use their remaining budget. This produ...
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  • NPM node pages response time

    I'm trying to gauge whether our experience accessing pages within NPM is "normal" or "slow". How fast is your average response when navigating from page to page within NPM? Please add any comments below (obviously.)
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  • Do you need a NCM Compliance Policy for a piece of networking gear?

    What Vendor do you need?
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  • How do you gather your reports?

    In my current position, I work with a new client almost every week. This exposure has shown me a couple of things about how clients are using reports. Generally speaking, they fall into one of two categories.   ...
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  • Packet Analysis

    Is Packet Analysis one of the tools in your tool box, and if so, how often do you use it.
    network defender
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  • SAN - Vendor Solution or DIY

    Hi all,   Nowadays, community and enterprise-backed Software Defined Storage solutions easily topple and dethrone what has so far been a vendor dominated storage landscape. You can now get, at the very least, 50...
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  • Do you use Orion SDK (SWIS) ?

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  • What industry do your work in?

    mr. b
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  • How many Raspberry Pi's do you have?

    What cool projects are you working on or interests you? I'm currently building a Retro Pi =)   Raspberry Pi How to Build an All-In-One Retro Game Console for $35, the Easy Way http://blog.petrockblock.com/retr...
    Adam Boyd
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