• SRM integration

    I have a fully licensed SRM Profiler installation. I installed the SRM module for Orion which is now running on eval license. Neither system has internet access so all activations have to be done manually. I understoo...
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  • PCI DSS Requirements and Your SolarWinds Installations

    Several SolarWinds products can help with various areas of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) requirements. The purpose of the PCI DSS is to set a baseline of minimum security for any vendor...
    nicole pauls
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  • Network Configuration Manager v7.4 is Now Available!

    I am happy to announce General Availability (GA) of SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) v7.4. This version includes the following new features and improvements:   Cisco IOS and ASA Vulnerability Repor...
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  • Keep Database Monitor (IgniteFree) or Alternative

    Open for Voting
    30 votes
    Our environment contains a number of SQL Server instances that are not mission critical (and therefore cannot justify a large cost) that we would still like to get some basic insight into.  My plan had been to us...
  • Better RealTime Monitoring

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    Currently there isn't much for "real time" up to the minute monitoring for connections, sessions, and requests.  I would like to see some enhancements to the active session page that contains a better view of the...
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  • Would you watch a SolarWinds reality TV show?

    Before you answer, consider the reality shows out there already: Duck Dynasty Honey Boo-Boo Storage Wars Swamp People Ice Road Truckers Finding Bigfoot Ax Men After interacting with all of my co-workers and pr...
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  • Can we create Ipmonitor Health check report

    Hi Geeks,   Can i schedule the report so that give current status of the ipmonitor and health check report of the ipmonitor server Similar to SCOM server. Thanks Rohith Murthy rohithmurthy89@gmail.com
    rohith murthy
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  • I'm wondering is there a way to create a report that runs daily to display all DISABLED monitors?  Thanks for any help!

    I'm wondering is there a way to create a report that runs daily to display all DISABLED monitors?  Thanks for any help!
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  • Migrate a IP Monitor 10.0 install onto a new server

    Hi   I would like to migrate IP Monitor 10 to another server. Can you please advise how I can migrate all settings,data, license together with all credentials. Will it be possible to run both installs in paralle...
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  • Converting private IP address... connection never completes.

    I am using FTP Voyager 15 to connect to my Serve-U 6 account. I control the server and have just installed it on a Windows Server 2008 R2 computer. I previously used it on Windows Server 2003 for ten years, and I am v...
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  • Don't forget the DHCP...

    When it comes to managing IP addresses, few of us would forget to track the IPs we assign manually to our WAN interfaces, servers, switches, and etc. However, once we decide to assign a DHCP scope to a subnet we tend ...
    Josh Stephens
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  • Ten technologies every network engineer should know - #8 ICMP

    If you've ever worked as an IT administrator of any kind - network engineer, systems engineer, server admin, VMWare administrator, SAN admin, security engineer, VoIP engineer, webmaster - whatever - you...
    Josh Stephens
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  • Ten Technologies Every IT Engineer Should Know - #9 CLI

    Back in the old days we as engineers used to live and die by the CLI (Command Line Interface). I can remember days when fighting a fire on the network meant having 20 different telnet windows open and alt-tabbing betw...
    Josh Stephens
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  • Make SQL Name specific to an instance

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    Currently, when you name a SQL hash value to make it more human friendly, that name is not instance specific.  So if DPA sees that same hash value running in another instance being monitored, it will show that sa...
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  • What Is Your Why?

    Browsing the discussions and resources here in the Thwack community, I can see that you are an incredible bunch of people - passionate and knowledgeable about your own areas of expertise & eager to guide & adv...
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  • Having problem in creating a report for vlan interface

    Hi All, I have a problem in creating a report for vlan interface in a router. I  am not able to create a report using vlan interface, However i can able to create a report using physical interface in a router / ...
    created by sriram.mindia
  • Проблем с вкладкой All Maps

    Всем добрый день, Руководство поставила задачу что когда заходишь во вкладку All Maps чтоб все карты были видны и постоянно обновлялись. Проблема следующая, данный момент когда я вхожу в All Maps все карты видны но ...
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  • Best Boxer of All Time

    Who is the best boxer of All-Time
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  • Are you going to Cisco Live 2015, Milan?

    It looks like Solarwinds will not attend Cisco Live 2015 in Milan January 26th to 30th but that will not stop some of us. If you are going, please tell us what you are going to focus on.   Cisco Live Milan 2015...
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  • Thwack bowling towel?

    Do you think there should be a Thwack bowling towel available in the Thwack Store?
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