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    Where can I find "TrapRuleVarBindID" linked to OID trap




      I exported the traprules and see that under trap conditions it has "TrapRuleVarBindID" which I believe is in hexadecimal format. I also think it's unique with respect to Trap name (TestValue in the .traprule) Can somebody please help me in finding the list of "TrapRuleVarBindID"s for all the traps.

      Basically what I am planning to do is to automate the configuration of traps as configuring traps in trap viewer is very time consuming. So, if I have all TrapRuleVarBindID's and trap/OID name together, I can generate the .traprule and could import into trapviewer.


      Please let me know where can I find the link between Trap name and TrapRuleVarBindID?