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    Lem, can you move an nDepth search into a rule?


      First post here.  Thanks for reading.


      Is there an easy way to export a search from nDepth into another area of LEM like rules?


      I am new to LEM and have been asked to setup some complex email notification rules that require more than a few filters. 

      I do use the existing templates as much as possible, but seem to always need to add something to them.

      I can easily set them up and test them with nDepth but when it comes time to make the rules I am left taking screen shots of the nDepth and recreating them one item at a time.

      I am hoping that I missed something and there’s a button that will move it over.

      I would also like to be able to move rules to nDepth so I could test if old ones have been working the way they are expected.


      Thanks again and please forgive my ignorance.