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    Cirrus.TransferQueue log column coming back as null


      Why oh why?!


      Hey Tim, (et al)


      Can anyone tell me why the Log column of the Cirrus.TransferQueue table is coming back null for several of my queries?


      Again; I'm trying to execute a Password Change script via the "...SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/Json/Invoke/Cirrus.ConfigArchive/Execute" verb. In order to do this, I'm emulating, in C#, the PowerShell script ("NCM.ExecuteScript.ps1") that does it.


      My query is as follows: "SELECT T.Log FROM Cirrus.TransferQueue T WHERE T.TransferID = '{0}'" where {0} is a proper TransferID.


      Scott Fraley
      (TEKsystems / Microsoft)