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    Need assistance with Wake On LAN


      Good morning everyone!


      I have been trying to get Patch Manager to wake up computers before running the updates (I've found it's helpful for the computer to be on when trying to install things, and this seemed like a very useful part of Patch Manager).  However I am running into some trouble and am trying to see if anybody might be able to answer some questions I have.

      Long story short, the WoL packet is not getting to the computer it needs to go to.

      Long story long, I spent a lot of time troubleshooting the network side of things, but am quite sure now that the routers and switches are sending the broadcast packet to the right subnet and VLAN.  I'm sure of this because the WoL feature of Dameware is working.  However, the computer was still not turning on when I send it from Patch Manager, so I ran wireshark on a computer on the same subnet/VLAN.  Wireshark found the packet, but there are problems with it - one, the server that the packet is coming from is not the one that is running Patch Manager/WSUS, but is actually the server that is running the core Orion modules (NPM and so on); two, the target MAC address is not the address of the computer but instead the address of the router interface that the server connects to.

      I have rerun the 'detect now' and 'Inventory' actions for the computer I'm testing but it didn't change anything.  Patch Manger does show the right MAC address when I double-click on the computer and go to the Network Adapters tab.


      I'm stuck at this point and not really sure what to try next - does anyone have any suggestions for where I might need to update something, so that the magic packet has the right MAC address for the computer I'm trying to wake up?  Also, does anyone know why the packet isn't coming from the Patch Manager server, and if that is actually a problem or if that's supposed to happen?


      Thanks in advance!

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          What version are you currently running?

          Is it current?  Need updates?  Might be a patch/fix available if you are not.

          Found these, but not sure if it's the same issue you are experiencing.

          Re: WOL

          Re: Patch Management Wizard fails when used with WOL


          2.0 New Features

          2.1 New Features

          Have you opened up a ticket with Support yet?

          I would if you haven't as they might have experience with your issue and be able to assist.

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              I'm using version 2.1, which I believe is the current version still.  I did try the things listed in that first link (the re:wol one) but they didn't change anything.  I hadn't seen that second one yet but I don't think I've gotten that far along (still is good to know for when I do get it working).

              I haven't opened a ticket yet, but will soon; I just like to check here first in case there's an obvious answer/somebody else had the same problem.

              Thank you though!

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                  Wish I could have offered up something better.  Good Luck and hope you get it figured out.

                  Don't forget to post the fix once you find it so that others that might be experiencing this issue will be able to find and use for remediation.

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                      I did put in a ticket and got a reply back on this; it turns out it was something fairly obvious that I was missing.

                      I had imported computers and such into Patch Manager, but for WOL to work I also had to go to Patch Manager System Configuration -> Management Groups, select the enterprise, and add the subnets for Patch Manager to discover (there are options on the right side for doing that).

                      I'm in the process of doing that now and getting the test subnet imported into Patch Manager; once that's done I'll make sure it works, but I have a feeling it will.


                      Thanks again for your help on this!


                      Edit:  Just finished the discovery and confirmed it is working now.  The packet is still coming from the Orion server, but it's got the correct information now and is waking up the computer, so this did fix it.

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                          Glad to heat support got you up and running!

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                            just to clarify:   the Discovery task is essentially a port scan of the specified subnets and does two main things:

                            • checks what ports are open
                            • gathers some other basic info about the IPs it scans, like MAC address


                            Patch Manager needs that Discovery task to have been run so that it knows the MAC addresses of all the disovered IPs.


                            It can be a little confusing since if you do an "Inventory" task against a group of machines, there is a report that you can run to show the MAC address...but that MAC address info is apparently not stored in the same place that the WOL looks for the MAC address.  Hence, it might seem a bit redundant, but the Discovery task is needed for WOL. 


                            This also means that if your MAC addresses change due to a network card being swapped out or something, you may need to re-run the discovery task (or just schedule it to run weekly/monthly/whatever).

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                      What version of OS are you using to run Patch Manager? Windows 2008 R2 did not have an issue.

                      I have it running on Windows 2012 R2 which has a problem sending WOL commands. I resorted to using a Windows 8 machine and a batch file that uses a WOL program and a list of MAC addresses. I have the Windows 8 machine scheduled to run the WOL command and it works ok though it's a bit of an issue keeping the batch updated.

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                          Both servers (the Patch Manager and the Orion one) are using 2012 R2.

                          Dameware (running from the same server as Patch Manager) did manage to send out the WoL packet...  I'll look into that though; I think Dameware might have a schedule option, and if all else fails I can just put a scheduled task on the computers to turn them on at such and such time.

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                              You could also deploy a Patch Manager automation server on a Windows 2008 box and create a routing rule in Patch Manager to have all WOL tasks sent to that box for processing instead of having the 2012R2 box do it.  Automation servers are also useful for other things, like using Patch Manager to update Patch Manager!


                              Ideally, though, I think 2012R2 ought to be able to send out WOL packets without going to the trouble.