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    How can we set Round Robin to count calls logged to "Myself"?




      We've WHD up and running for the past month and it's now beginning to generate a certain degree of disgruntlement among our Level 1 group.


      Our team are on a telephone hunt-group along with a receptionist. Ordinarily, the receptionist would log calls to the Level 1 pool within WHD and the call would be assigned by round-robin to the next technician.


      When the phone's hopping, however, some technicians may take calls directly from the hunt-group and log it within WHD to themselves. This results, at the end of the day, to these technicians sometimes having significantly more calls within their queues than others who hadn't pitched in to take calls from the hunt-group and just dealt with calls assigned to them by round-robin.


      Is there a method of getting round-robin to auto-balance to account for tickets logged by technicians to "myself"?