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    All disk volumes report - Want to modify


      I need assistance modifying the standard All disk volumes report to include a column showing days until a volume reaches the Warning (90%) and Critical (95%) thresholds we've set.  I want to see all of the volumes that have reached or exceeded these thresholds then schedule this report to be emailed weekly to myself.  It would be nice for this report to be in Excel format rather than pdf.

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          Okay, so I just noticed that this report is a legacy report.  I'm fine with a new report that provides this information, I can't seem to select the correct information when I run the report wizard.  The goal is to have a report that


          1. Shows me all disk volumes from all operating systems.

          2. Provide a Trend of volumes reaching the Warning (set at 90%) and Critical (95%) within 30 days or less. 


          I really like the Node Details page can provide a Volume Capacity Forecast chart.  This is the primary reason I would like a report on all volumes.