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    11.5.3RC1 Release Notes


      I received an email today stating that NPM 11.5.3 RC1 was available and that it had bug fixes or feature additions that I specifically asked for. I can't find release notes for this RC and I am not sure what feature additions would have been included that I asked for.  Can someone point out the release notes so that I can check to see if it is something that I want to spend the time on upgrading to now or if it is something I will wait for in the next full update (non-RC).  Thanks.

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          I think everyone got the same email, subject "NPM 11.5.3 RC1 Contains a Fix for You!"

          "No way, just for me!?"

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              Sorry, azadmin, I too got the same email. 


              Funny  that the email says that "NPM 11.5.3 RC1 that includes bug fixes or feature additions that you specifically asked for."  I too clicked on the link, looking for more details on which of the many feature requests (and bug fixes) I posted were included. Sadly, no details were found anywhere on the link and the Release Notes link (in the installation files) has outdated info (from NPM v11.5.2.. 


              Furthermore, I installed this new version in my lab NPM server, but I cannot find any new feature.


              Eeyore said it best....  download (1).jpg

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                As the person who wrote and sent the email, I can assure you "everyone" did not get the email. A very small percentage did.  Most of the people seeing this thread don't know what you're talking about because they did not get the email and can't see the RC available in their portal yet.


                I posted release notes elsewhere in this thread.  If you don't see your item, feel free to respond to the email and ask what of your requests was included.  If I sent to your email address, I have your the case number and description of the request that made it into the RC and caused me to send the email.

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                I decided to jump in and upgrade our lab to 11.5.3RC1. No glaring problems so far, but release notes would be good!

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                  YES ITS FOR ME!!

                  I have a "nagging  thread " about 11.5.3 or the lack of one...

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                    The release notes bundled into the RC download unfortunately only point to the release notes on our website, which do not include 11.5.3 yet since it is not yet available to all customers.


                    Here's the notes though:


                    SolarWinds NPM 11.5.3 includes the following fixes:

                    IssueCase Number
                    Interfaces: If database maintenance starts before midnight and interface tables are completed after midnight, interface statistics may be lost.853636, 874169, 832671
                    Interfaces: When creating a report on interfaces, the Details URL property is not available.-
                    Multicast: Multicast Routing poller returns 0 for incoming bits per second and values greater than 0 for incoming packets per second.792144
                    Multicast: Data polled using the Multicast Routing poller are associated with incorrect timestamps. The current time is recorded instead of the time when the data were polled.-
                    UnDP: UnDP resources show old data, or the MSMQ queue is long due to low processing performance of UnDP DataProcessing.863227
                    Wireless: Incorrect wireless data polled from Ruckus Access Points.-


                    I'll respond to your email with the details of the case number you opened that resulted in a fix that is included in 11.5.3.